Sunday, April 24, 2016


Back to the lands of genetic research! This week, Our Heroes (tm) returned to Yele to plan a data raid on the Yele Medical Complex. Except things, as usual, turned out to be more complicated than expected…

[We pick up where we left off last session.]
Georges the GM: “It should be a normal day, because most days you guys are either engaging in or recovering from a fight.”

[Colonel Bakov has retired from public life in Jan Mayen. We are approached by our new liaison, Morgana Kirosa.]
Brock: “We’ve downgraded. We used to have a full colonel, now we’ve got sergeant.”

[Kirosa lays out the situation as it stands in Jan Mayen after the attack.]
Zac: “I don’t think I can use human perception on a GREL.”

[Lukas and Ti have a closed-door meeting. When they come back…]
Julie: “What’s the relationship between Lukas and Ti right now?”
Brock: “Relaxed.”
Zac: “You guys hug it out?”

[Our next mission involves deleting some data from the Yele Medical Complex. Recall that the PCs – except for Fennec – have already done a job there.]
Fennec: “So you went in shooting last time?”
Lukas: “No, but we left shooting.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “Does Ti know we’ve been there before?”
Georges the GM: “He’s pieced it together.”

[Ti lays out the details of the Yele job.]
Ti Corovan: “Lukas will be in charge of this op.”
Brock: “Lukas is smug.”

[More about why Lukas is in charge.]
Ti Corovan: “You guys have to respect that he has the greatest skill to get this done.”
Torgath: “Are we being scolded?”
Ti Corovan: “No.”
Lukas: “Yes.”

[Some ground rules for the Yele job.]
Ti Corovan: “Instead of preemptively killing people because they may be bad…”
Lukas: “Those are your standing orders, Torgath.”

[We travel north from Jan Mayen.]
Georges the GM: “You arrive in Sorrento.”
Julie: “As part of Georges’ plan to get us to every city on the planet.”

[We ensure that we have all our equipment.]
Zac: “Do we have the drone?”
Ariel: “Of course we do!”
Georges the GM: “Which drone?”

[Some items we have. Some we will need. Some are just ridiculous.]
Brock: “Can you build a mangonel?”
Zac: “For what?”
Brock: *shrugs*

[More on the mangonel.]
Brock: “Clearly we’re going to build it in town, not roll it into town. That would be absurd!”

[And yet more.]
Fennec: “So long as I’m not the first one off the catapult.”
Lukas: “No, it’ll be Lyta.”
Lyta: “Makes sense.”
Fennec: “You trust my math?”
Lyta: “No. I’ll need glider wings.”

[And even more.]
Brock: “My favorite part is that we’ve accepted the premise of this plan and are now working on implementation.”

[Georges the GM tries to get us back on track.]
Georges the GM: “So before building a catapult, what kind of accommodations do you seek?”

[The Yele Medical Complex is right on the river. We consider renting or buying a houseboat.]
Brock: “A base of operations that is its own getaway vehicle has some appeal.”

[Lukas reflects on the orders Ti has given for this mission.]
Brock: “Don’t shoot first – I was having a hard time keeping a straight face when he laid down those rules of engagement.” *smirks*

[We arrive in Yele.]
Georges the GM: “One area outside the group’s expertise is academics.”

[We try to figure out our plan.]
Brock: “What’s our timeline on this op?”
Georges the GM: “Generous.”

[We do some preliminary research, namely finding likely targets to pump for information. Lyta finds a bookish lab tech, while Lukas has his sights on a shy, awkward IT specialist.]
Ariel: “These are totally Torgath’s sorta people. Why isn’t Torgath dealing with them?!”
Brock: “Because Torgath would actually fall in love with them and jeopardize the mission.”

[The IT girl is actually quite good at her job, but is not advancing through the ranks because she lacks religious fervor.]
Ariel: “We need to get this girl out of here. We should get her a job in Peace River.”
Zac: “We could actually do that.”

[Lukas tries to engage the IT girl in conversation.]
Brock: “I try to remember something I read in a trade journal, work in some aspect of a raid we did once…”

[Lukas continues to try to get information from the IT girl.]
Lukas: “Nice dress, but I liked it better on the model.”
Julie: “Wow, you’re the sort of guy who deserves a drink thrown in his face.”
Brock: “Do you want to win or not?”

[We have a debriefing on what we’ve learned so far.]
Julie: “He goes up onto the roof at the end of the week, so that may be an opportunity if we wanna…”
Brock: “Catapult onto the roof?”

[We consider our options.]
Julie: “What sort of response are we expecting if we trip the security system?”
Brock: “Probably the same as last time, except toothier.”

[We realize that accessing the data to delete it will be harder than anticipated.]
Ariel: “Would the system be susceptible to an EMP strike?”
Georges the GM: “Sure, if you took out the whole building.”
Zac: “And you’d set back medical research on Terra Nova for fifty years.”

[In addition to deleting a bunch of data, we also need to find out how Dr. Heatherton is funding his Helix+ research. Thankfully, Lukas has a plan!]
Ariel: “So we completely solved the funding issue?”
Brock: “Yes. We kidnap Heatherton and use his biometrics in the most secure lab and we can access the funding data.”

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