Friday, April 29, 2016


This week saw more planning for the Yele job and the arrival of a complicating factor in the form of the NGIS, which may be about to make things go… not smooth.

[Georges the GM reminds us of what’s been going on.]
Georges the GM: “You’ve done some legwork. In some cases, legs-under-the-table-work.”

[Lukas calls a group meeting.]
Lukas: “Lyta has raised some serious and valid concerns.”
Lyta: “Wait – I need to write this down in my diary.”

[Lyta is concerned that if we destroy all the computers in the YMC, we might destroy a lot of legitimate medical research as well. The question becomes, what is in the new building and what is not?]
Georges the GM: “Apparently all the research was moved over for security reasons. They’d been having problems with infiltrators.”

[We consider our options.]
Georges the GM: “It would take days to transfer the data onto a new drive.”
Zac: “Unless we just start stealing parts of the building.”

[The conversation goes on for a while. It’s very technical, which is good for some and less-good for others.]
Julie: “Lyta’s spending this entire conversation with her eyes glazed over.”

[We come up with a potential way forward.]
Georges the GM: “Basically this turns your nightmarish programming problem into a complex plumbing problem.”

[Lukas and Torgath want to save a copy of the Helix+ data, which was obtained in part by a decade of torturing koreshi.]
Georges the GM: “Damosa will have no moral issues with using this data because Damosa does not…”
Zac and Julie, in perfect unison: “Have morals?”

[More of the same.]
Lyta: “We’re about to steal this data. And there are other people on this planet who are as good as us.”
Lukas: “Not that we’ve met.”

[Lyta wants to destroy the data, mostly because Ti told her it’s what Jonas wants.]
Brock: “We have an hour of discussion. Ti flips her switch in two sentences.”
Julie: “Ti didn’t convince her – it was playing the Jonas card.”
Brock (as Ti Corovan): “’Jonas told me he wants to have grandkids.’”

[After an hour or more of discussion…]
Georges the GM: “So, are you guys ready to do the job?”
Brock: “We haven’t even decided if we’re gonna do the job.”

[We ultimately decide to do the job.]
Julie: “How are we gonna deal with security?”
Zac: “This is complicated even if we didn’t have to worry about getting caught.”

[We realize that any warnings for overheating the computers would be sent to the IT department.]
Lukas: “Do computer technicians count as collateral damage?”
Lyta: “Probably.”
Lukas: “Salvation of the world vs six computer geeks.”

[Torgath suggests that he be the one to deal with the IT people. The rest of us are… hesitant.]
Ariel: “Why would I want to murder computer techs?”
Brock: “Because you love murder.”

[We begin the preparation for the op.]
Lukas: “We need a supercomputer and a massive wifi rig. You two, fix my problem.”
Zac: “Tinker roll to build a set of super-antennae out of tin cans?”

[We begin putting together the wifi rig.]
Georges the GM: “Ariel, roll computers. Zac, roll tinker and electronics.”
Brock: “I will provide encouragement with scathing sarcasm.”

[Lukas surveils the YMC while the rest of us work. On the second day, he spots five men in suits. Sadly, they spot him as well. Lukas trades off with Torgath, who is… less sneaky than normal.]
NGIS Agent: “Come with me please, sir.”
Brock: *rolls 6 to disguise Torgath*
Georges the GM: “Luckily you don’t look too much like a wanted man.”

[Two NGIS agents bring Torgath towards their unmarked van.]
Ariel: “Do I spend on this?”
Zac: “Depends – how much do you want to be arrested?
Georges the GM: “I think being arrested is inevitable at this point. How much do you want other people to know?”

[Torgath decides to take a new tack.]
Georges the GM: “Subtlety is no longer the approach that should be used.”
Brock: “Time for murder!”

[Combat is about to ensue.]
Ariel: “I want to take out all five.”
Georges the GM: “That would be unfeasible.”
Brock: “Not at all!”
Georges the GM: “Sorry, I didn’t meant to give you a… sense of reality.”
Brock: “Once he takes out three, he’ll have guns! And their van!”

[Things do not start off well.]
Ariel: *botches sneak attack roll*
Georges the GM: (sarcastically) “He can take out five guys, sure.”
Brock: “So long as he doesn’t botch the first roll.”

[Torgath takes the expedience of running away.]
Zac: “Where’s Lukas right now?”
Brock: “Reading a book. Eating ice cream.”

[The NGIS agents have about the same stats as we’ve come to expect by now.]
Zac: “You think we would’ve killed enough AGI +2 guys by this point that the supply would be wearing thin.”

[Torgath manages to escape the NGIS agents.]
Georges the GM: “All right! I’m looking forward to the debrief where Lukas rips Torgath a new one.”

[Ariel reflects on his encounter with the NGIS agents.]
Ariel: “If I had a gun instead of a sfika…”
Zac: “So that’s what’s holding you up? Your lack of murdering people?”

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