Sunday, May 8, 2016


The Yele job was going so well. We were mere moments from completion. Of course it was too good to last.

[We pick up as the Yele job is nearing completion.]
Georges the GM: “Up until now it’s been completely covert.”
Brock: “For the first time ever.”

[We contemplate what will happen if we stop being covert.]
Georges the GM: “You do know that the campus has an armed response team.”
Julie: “We know it well.”

[We consider our plans for a distraction.]
Brock: “Everyone looks at an explosion. Explosions are awesome.”

[We backtrack slightly in time so that we can plan our exfil routes and distractions, including a car bomb.]
Zac: *rolls 2 on demolitions*
Georges the GM: “That’s one number away from it blowing up and killing Fennec as she’s building it.”

[Also in the retroactive prep, Fennec prepares a box for the data node with both a cooling system and an explosive override in case it falls into the wrong hands.]
Georges the GM: “You could make thermite if you want.”
Zac: “Is that overkill?
Brock: “There’s no such thing as overkill.”

[The plan is for Torgath, our resident sneaky person, to take possession of the data node and the trigger for the explosive.]
Lukas: “You understand the circumstances in which you blow the node?
Torgath: “If someone else is gonna get it?”
Lukas: “Yes.”
Georges the GM: “Well, that’s simple.”

[We return to the matter at hand.]
Julie: “So, we are mere moments from being done and going home for the evening.”
Zac: “Game’s over – see you next week.”

[We ensure we all know what’s going on.]
Brock: “Did we take any calls in the IT office while we were doing the op?”
Georges the GM: *picks up dice*
Brock: “Y’know what, never mind. Forget I asked. I can’t help myself.”

[The inevitable question.]
Julie: “So when does everything go horribly, horribly wrong?”

[Torgath is acting as lookout near the security desk, disguised as a janitor.]
Georges the GM: “Torgath is making himself very boring.”
Ariel: “I’m good at that.”

[A man in a fedora and a trench coat enters the building and flashes an NGIS badge at the security guard. Torgath signals the rest of the team.]
Lukas: “What’s our countdown?”
Fennec: “Three minutes.”
Lukas: “Make it go faster.”
Zac: *botches roll*
Georges the GM: “That is the other option for the timer.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta is surprised by a woman in full tactical gear pointing a gun at her head. She is ordered to get down on the ground.]
Brock: “On the one hand, being on the ground is more boned than standing, but on the other hand, you’re pretty boned.”

[Lukas tries to buy the team some time by shutting off the lights in the building. Tries.]
Brock: *botches unskilled computer roll*
Zac: “Why would you do that?! I’m right here!”

[More hostiles are closing in. At Lukas’ exhortation, Fennec yanks the node out of the wall.]
Ariel: “Time to blow up the node?”
Brock: “Now is not the time to blow up the node because we are still holding it.”

[Fennec grabs the node and prepares to rush outside with it. Sadly, her perception check is not great.]
Georges the GM: “You look up and down the hallway and you’re good to go.”
Zac: “As the NGIS agent there is, ‘I’m a potted plant.’”

[Lyta has found herself marching through the building, flanked on the one hand by two hostiles in tactical gear and on the other by the man in the fedora. The lights in the building go out.]
Julie: “I assume the two masked guys have thermals or UVs, but the last one isn’t wearing anything.”
Zac: “He just might be a betabel.”

[Lyta manages to escape imminent death and starts running away, chased by the man in the fedora. Meanwhile the other two move towards the room where Lukas is working.]
Brock: (to Ariel) “I would never be happier in all my years of roleplaying with you if you were silent kill both these guys right now.”
Zac: “You will never be happy.”

[We take stock of the situation.]
Brock: “We accomplished the mission.”
Julie: “All we have to do is get out.”
Zac: “The mission’s done – the rest of you are expendible.”

[Torgath is shot as we’re escaping, and we’re not out of the woods yet.]
Georges the GM: “You guys have never really faced an NGIS team before. In fact, you’re not really sure you’re facing the NGIS now.”

[Lukas carries a wounded Torgath out of the building as the hostiles shoot at them.]
Georges the GM: “Ariel, dodge unless Lukas is shielding you.”
Brock: “Actually, I’m using him to shield me. I mean, he’s already wounded.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta is still running away from the man in the fedora.]
Julie: “So, this guy should be getting distances penalties on me, right?”
Georges the GM: “Actually he’s gaining on you.”
Julie: “What?!”
Georges the GM: “That should disturb you.”

[The man in the fedora tells Lyta he’ll have his men stand down from shooting her compatriots if she stops and talks to him.]
Lyta: (on comms) “Status?”
Torgath: “I’ll be fine.”
Lyta: “…Oh, that’s bad.”

[Lyta does not stop.]
Ariel: “You didn’t ask if he was Bartok. I’m so disappointed.”

[We all continue to rush away from the people shooting at us.]
Georges the GM: “You get to the van…”
Zac: “We get to the van? Just like that?”

[We drive away.]
Zac: “Meanwhile, the back of the van looks like an ER.”
Brock: “Or an abattoir.”
Zac: “Eh, we’ll hose it down later.”

[Georges the GM sums up the session.]
Georges the GM: “I thought one of you would be captured and traded for the node. Sadly the only one they came across was Lyta, who’s the least capturable.”

[Brock also sums up the session.]
Brock: “We got spanked. I’m glad I had the conversation with Ti last week instead of next week.”
Zac: “But we won!”

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