Friday, May 20, 2016


In this week’s session, it was time for Our Heroes to get out, get safe, and regroup. And also discover that we’re up against a slightly bigger fish than we’d bargained for.

[We pick up where we left off last session, with Lukas heavily injured and trouble brewing outside.]
Julie: “I honestly don’t care about the safe, which is the fundamental difference between me and Lukas.”

[Minnie gets in touch with us to let us know that the situation is rapidly turning sour.]
Minnie Bartok: “If you’re in the middle of the riot, you should get out.”
Fennec: “Why would you think we’re in the middle of that? Or right in the centre of it?”

[A mob is beginning to form.]
Georges the GM: “Everyone’s a uniform brown.”
Julie: “And purple.”

[We consider our options, among them attempting to slip into the crowd and get out.]
Fennec: “Right – they’ll never suspect the outsiders of being outsiders.”

[Fennec considers yet more options.]
Zac: “Do I see anything useful around the shop?”
Julie: “There’s a bag of SMGs.”
Zac: “That’s our bag of SMGs.”
Julie: “And it’s useful.”

[Fennec checks out the security cameras to see the situation brewing outside.]
Georges the GM: “The GREL either has a grenade launcher or…”
Zac: “A lamppost?”

[We discover a trapdoor in the floor of the shop, which leads to Peter’s garage.]
Georges the GM: “It’s a pretty decent garage.”
Zac: “Oh, good, we can make it our bat-cave.”

[It turns out that Peter has quite a souped-up hummer in his garage.]
Lyta and Fennec: *exchange glances of appreciation*
Zac: “Sure, we’re worried about the team, but…”
Julie: “But you’ve gotta appreciate the shinys when you’ve got ‘em.”

[We check the situation outside one more time. A riot is definitely starting to form.]
Zac: “This is manageable. What I don’t want to see is a hopper or a Gear patrol.”

[We start making our way out of the southern quarter in Peter’s souped-up wheels.]
Georges the GM: “You come across…”
Zac: “A Gaza Strip checkpoint?”
Ariel: “A road block made of GRELs?”

[We drive casually away from the checkpoint and try to find somewhere to lay low.]
Zac: “What am I seeing?”
Georges the GM: “There’s a junkyard.”
Zac: “A junkyard, you say!”

[We pull into the junkyard. The woman in charge obviously recognizes Peter’s car, but Fennec is a smooth talker and claims that Peter is helping her put together the pieces for her own project.]
Junkyard Owner: “You want the 8-guage or the full 12-guage?”
Zac: “For the imaginary vehicle I’m building in my head…”

[Note that Brock was late to the game, so everything until this point has been the rest of the players trying to figure out what he would do despite him not actually being at table.]
Georges the GM: “Knowing Brock, he probably wouldn’t want to give up Pavel or the vehicle.”

[We try to make plans without our fearless leader.]
Zac: “My problem is indecision and greed.”
Julie: “Lukas’ problem is also greed.”
Zac: “But he’s more decisive about it.”

[Minnie has informed us that the southern quarter militia have set up checkpoints at most major intersections, and that SecBuro is working to contain access to the sector. She has told us, however, that it would probably be manageable to get out on foot.]
Zac: “My concern is that we won’t get away with any of the sweet, sweet loot.”
Julie: “But we do get away.”

[Georges the GM gives us a little more information on Peter’s hummer.]
Georges the GM: “The vehicle has a snorkel for the engine.”
Julie: “That’s it! Into the MacAllens!”

[We try to decide what to do next.]
Zac: “Things are gonna get worse before they get better.”
Georges the GM: “As they so often do.”

[Brock finally shows up and we fill him in on what’s going on. He has his own plans.]
Zac: “Wait, you wanna go into the GREL quarter?”
Brock: “It’s less hostile than what we’re facing here.”

[Of course, going into the GREL quarter or the caravansary would involve getting past SecBuro.]
Georges the GM: “Minnie has informed you that SecBuro is not feeling particularly charitable towards you guys lately.”

[Zac sums up all our feelings.]
Zac: “You know what else would be awesome? Not being here.”

[Lukas wakes up Peter to interrogate him as Fennec drives us away from the junkyard.]
Lukas: “I want you to know something – we’ve got your girl. If you cooperate with me, I let you both stay intact. If not, I let my friend with the knife start taking pieces off her.”

[Of course, Lukas’ threat to Peter is hollow, given that we don’t actually have the girl. So when Lukas gestures to Lyta to ‘start taking pieces off her’…]
Julie: “Is there anything here that can make the sound of flesh?”
Brock: “Or you could scream. Through your gag.”

[Peter is not being cooperative.]
Julie: “I love how you haven’t gotten better at interrogation in the five years you’ve been doing this.”
Brock: “What are you talking about?! This is an excellent tactic!”

[Peter reveals what would make him talk.]
Peter Pecker: “Tell me when you’re ready to start taking off my pieces.”

[Lukas start cutting off Peter’s finger. He talks. But not enough.]
Lukas: “So you’re telling me you have no useful information?”
Peter Pecker: “I don’t know where she is!”

[Lukas increases the threat level.]
Lukas: “I’m gonna inject you with a solution of white sand.”
Peter Pecker: “What kind of crazy fuckers are you?!”

[Peter really, really loves his car.]
Zac: “Why do I feel more guilty about stealing his truck than cutting off his fingers?”
Brock: “I feel the same way.”

[Peter talks a little more.]
Peter Pecker: “I looked into the guy who hired me. You took out my guys, you stole my truck, you threatened to cut off my fingers… I am still more scared of him than you.”
Fennec: “So you’re saying we should make you more afraid of us?”

[Lukas learns something he wishes he hadn’t.]
Lukas: “What’s in the safe back in your office?”
Peter Pecker: “Diamonds. Lots of diamonds.”
Lukas: “Damn.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec is still driving us out of the southern quarter.]
Georges the GM: “Everything’s looking good…”
Zac: “You know when everything’s looking good, that’s when you’re T-boned.”
Georges the GM: “Yup.”

[Our souped-up hummer is rammed but still functional. The vehicle that rammed us is somewhat the worse for wear.]
Zac: “They saved us the trouble of having to ram them back, I guess.”

[We get out of the southern quarter and consider what to do with Peter.]
Ariel: “I like this guy. I think we should keep him alive and give him back his truck.”
Zac: “Well, you’re half-right.”

[It turns out the guy who hired Peter was none other than arms-dealer extraordinaire Gustafson.]
Zac: “Considering he’s already terrified of Gustafson…”
Julie: “As well he should be.”

[Obviously we can’t let Peter tell Gustafson that he blabbed to us.]
Lukas: “We can’t let him go.”
Fennec: “What are we gonna do, bury him in the desert?”
Lukas: “I’m turning that over in my mind.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “We might have to Torgath him.”
Zac: “Is that a verb now?!”

[Even more.]
Fennec: “As much as this guy seems like an affable scumbag, I’m not inclined to shoot him on the side of the road.”

[We get in touch with Minnie to give her an update on the situation.]
Minnie Bartok: “What’s the plan for your wounded?”
Fennec: “You got any suggestions?”
Ariel: “Sweet love by the fire?”

[As we drive south to a safe house Minnie recommended…]
Zac: “So I imagine there’s gonna be an awkward conversation on this drive.”
Brock: “Why?”
Zac: “Because we’re dragging along a drugged-out Siberian with an uncertain future with us.”

[We fill in Fennec on our history with Gustafson.]
Lyta: “The first time we met Gustafson, we bought weapons from him. The second time he affirmed that we’re dangerous people and we owe him a favor.”
Lukas: “That was a missed opportunity.”

[We consider what to do with the knowledge that we might be up against Gustafson.]
Lukas: “If we owe him a favor, does that mean we can’t kill him?”

[More about Gustafson.]
Fennec: “So Gustafson just wants to watch the world burn?”
Lukas: “Literally. With bombs that he sells. Or possibly donates.”

[And yet more.]
Lukas: “Gustafson is on the other side of the board.”
Torgath: “He’s on his own side of the board. The side that plays the other two sides off each other to make bigger explosions.”

[We meet up with Minnie and a doctor at the safehouse, which happens to be a homestead outside of town that Minnie owns.]
Minnie Bartok: “Where’s the sneaky one?”
Lyta: “Being sneaky.”

[Lyta fills Minnie in on the broad outlines of what’s happened.]
Lyta: “Peter’s in the closet.”
Minnie Bartok: “Leaking?”
Lyta: “No, all in one piece.”
Fennec: “He and Lukas had a conversation and decided Lukas was the one who should do the leaking today.”

[Fennec also fills in Minnie on what happened.]
Fennec: “So… that could have gone better.”
Minnie Bartok: “You mean with the riot?”
Brock: “Something about Port Arthur just brings out our extremes.”

[Lines that didn’t come out quite the way Fennec intended.]
Minnie: (looking at Lukas after he’s been patched up by the doctor) “I do have mixed feelings about seeing Lukas in that state.”
Fennec: “You and me both.”

[More of the same.]
Minnie Bartok: “I’m just saying that thinking about Lukas as an asshole and… that other thing… are not mutually exclusive.”
Ariel: “Says the voice of experience.”

[Minnie and Fennec have a tête-à-tête.]
Fennec: “So, how did you and Ti meet?”
Minnie Bartok: “You know, the usual – he blackmailed me.”

[More about Ti.]
Minnie Bartok: “Ti uses that invisible guilt tether.”
Ariel: “Ti’s such a monster. He’s the real bad guy in this story.”

[Minnie explains why she was so upset at Lukas earlier.]
Minnie Bartok: “When your SOB team leader brings up my pedophile murderous rapist husband, it makes it hard for me to keep my cool.”

[Fennec explains why we think Zadine Bartok, Minnie’s ex-husband, might still be alive.]
Brock: “We have more than wild speculation.”
Julie: “We have informed speculation!”

[Lukas is patched up by the doctor.]
Minnie Bartok: “So, recovering from a deep wound and me feeding you – history is repeating itself.”
Lukas: “You’re feeding me? Excellent.”

[We return to the matter at hand.]
Minnie Bartok: “What are you gonna do with Peter?”
Lukas: “Make him your problem.”

[Georges gives us one last breadcrumb before ending the session.]
Georges the GM: “If you wanna talk to the Brotherhood guys, you bought guns from them this morning.”

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