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We were so close to doing some real investigation. And then Torgath got injured and Lukas was kidnapped. The real mission will just have to wait…

[We begin the session on 25 Autumn.]
Julie: “It’s Lyta’s birthday.”
Brock: “We all forgot again.”

[Having gotten some information out of Peter Pecker, we plan our next move.]
Georges the GM: “Minnie has suggested that you try a more… subtle approach.”

[We do some planning.]
Georges the GM: “I no longer have an NPC with you guys, so if you’re looking to me, yu’re looking in the wrong place.”

[The main lead we have to go on right now are the Brotherhood mercs we bought guns from yesterday, who were the diversion in the ‘kidnap Henriette Vovelle’ job.]
Brock: “These guys are Brotherhood. What do we have to offer them?”
Zac: “Information on our whereabouts.”
Ariel: “Less pain.”

[We get the report on the kidnapping incident from Major Stone.]
Georges the GM: “The report isn’t embarrassing for Stone, it’s embarrassing for Beria – he’s the head of SecBuro. That’s why Stone has no problem releasing it.”

[The report isn’t enough. We need more answers.]
Georges the GM: “Make sure you know why you want to meet Stone.”
Brock: “To know if he wants us to kill Gustafson, and to know if he knew that from the beginning.”

[The whole reason we’re doing this job in the first place is to get some information from Stone for Ti.]
Georges the GM: “So you’ve deduced A) that Ti is considerably more tactful and considerate than you, and B) that the information he’s looking for is probably on Zadine Bartok.”

[Torgath insists that killing Gustafson won’t be a problem, despite the fact that we owe him a favor.]
Lukas: “How are you gonna kill Gustafson?”
Torgath: “Well, first I Have to find him.”

[Torgath considers how we might find Gustafson, including finding the people he hired and torturing them to get Gustafson’s whereabouts.]
Lukas: (dryly) “Right, ‘cause torture’s worked well for us historically.”
Lyta: “Like just yesterday.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “When you say, ‘I’m gonna find him and kill him,’ I want to know what that means.”
Fennec: “Well, it’s not like he’s gonna do it before lunch.”

[Lukas gives some context for our deliberations.]
Lukas: “Gustafson is well above the betabels in the danger hierarchy. Probably below the Bear, but not necessarily.”

[We try to figure out why Gustafson had Vovelle kidnapped.]
Lukas: “Theory one is that he’s using this opportunity to bomb the conference.”

[With a tentative plan in place, we return to Port Arthur proper. Torgath surveils the Brotherhood mercs while Lukas checks out what’s been going on with Corner Coffee, our business. Lyta and Fennec are thus left with nothing to do for the moment.]
Zac: “What else is on our list of things to do before our meeting with Stone?”
Brock: *shrugs*

[Lukas checks out one of the Corner Coffee retail outlets.]
Georges the GM: “You’d say of the thirty people in here, six are toughs.”
Zac: “Legitimate businessmen.”

[Lukas asks to speak to Kerry Fines or Perry, our Corner Coffee employees. He is informed that there is no one by those names at the corporate offices.]
Lukas: “I’m sure they’re with Corner Coffee, unless I’m the victim of some ridiculous scam.”

[Corporate agrees to send a car to pick Lukas up to meet with them.]
Brock: “So you guys are at Minnie’s bar?”
Zac: “And you’re about to get kidnapped. While injured.”

[An unmarked van with two goons comes to pick up Lukas.]
Brock: “If I go down, this is how I wanna go down: in a corporate takeover from the company I founded, by the people I trusted.”

[The goons usher Lukas into the unmarked van.]
Lukas: “You’re in customer care?”
Goon: “Yes. We take care of customers.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Fennec have gone to Minnie’s to get some more information on Stone.]
Georges the GM: “At Minnie’s bar, the lunch crowd looks exactly like the evening crowd.”

[Georges the GM gives a little context.]
Georges the GM: “The first time they were in Port Arthur, they were pursuing another kidnapped Vovelle.”

[Also meanwhile, Torgath is watching the Brotherhood mercs.]
Ariel: “What do they look like?”
Georges the GM: “They definitely look like… 2/+1s, maybe 2/+2s…”

[Things get a little meta for a moment.]
Ariel: “I can join up with the team.”
Brock: “No, this is commitment! This is how you kill Gustafson!”
Georges the GM: “I feel this is more Ariel punishment than Torgath punishment.”

[Back with Lyta and Fennec, who are listening in to Lukas’ conversation with the goons.]
Lyta: “You getting the sense that Lukas has gotten himself in more trouble?”
Fennec: “It does seem to be the theme of this trip.”

[Lukas is taken to a nondescript warehouse and patted down.]
Georges the GM: “What are you carrying other than your open-carry pistol?”
Brock: “Just that.”
Ariel: “No grenades?”
Brock: “…”

[It turns out that the person who is running the goons and, presumably, Corner Coffee is none other than our favorite fembot Barb.]
Brock: “Didn’t we try to negotiate with them?”
Julie: “We negotiated with them at gunpoint.”
Georges the GM: “Is there any other kind of negotiation?”

[Kerry Fines, the businesswoman who Perry brought into the operation, is also there.]
Georges the GM: “Kerry looks annoyed and frustrated.”
Zac: “In a way that says, ‘this is all your fault’?”

[Barb reveals that she’s now in charge.]
Lukas: “So you bought them out?”
Barb: “Yeah.”
Lukas: “Okay. That’s all I needed to know. Thanks.”

[For the moment, Barb doesn’t quite recognize Lukas. But that’ll change.]
Barb: “So you were the original owner?”
Lukas: “I was loosely affiliated. I don’t really have a head for business.”

[More on the history of what’s happened to Corner Coffee.]
Barb: “Kerry says she was sending you reports to keep you placated.”
Lukas: (dryly) “Yeah. They were working.”

[Lukas has let Lyta and Fennec know where he is, but then his cell phone was shut off and taken away. So he knows they’re coming, but he can’t relay any updated information.]
Lukas: “I’d like to make a call to my friends.”
Barb: “There will be time for that later.”
Lukas: “See, if I don’t call my friends, they might come here and kill you all.”

[Lyta and Fennec arrive on the scene.]
Zac: “So we can do this the boring way by just breaking in the back door…”

[Lukas has been taken into an empty, barred room to cool his heels.]
Julie: “Did you let them zip-tie you?”
Brock: “I don’t see any reason to let them beat me up and then zip-tie me.”

[Meanwhile, Torgath has been spotted by the mercs he was tailing.]
Merc: “You look lost.”
Torgath: “I am lost.”
Zac: “Maybe Lukas isn’t the one we should be worried about right now.”

[Torgath is not out of the woods yet.]
Torgath: “You looks like you had really good steaks.”
Merc: (pointedly) “The thing about steaks is it doesn’t matter what you start with, it’s about tenderizing.”

[Torgath is surrounded by four combat-ready mercs.]
Georges the GM: “They’re just goons.”
Zac: “Like the last guys who beat us up!”

[We reflect on Torgath’s situation.]
Zac: “This is clearly a smoke-bomb moment.”

[Georges the GM sums up the session so far.]
Georges the GM: “This is the worst situation the party has ever been in.”
Julie: “Not the worst.”
Georges the GM: “I can’t think of a worse one.”

[More of the same.]
Julie: “There have been a number of times where Lyta’s had the worst birthday, but this may top them.”

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