Friday, October 22, 2010

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

SNS News Update
Helen Luka, Special Correspondent
Peace River, 22 Spring, TN1935

Violence marred the gala reception of the Free Emirates delegation in Peace River last night. Six assassins impersonating waitstaff drew weapons and rushed the gala's head table, attempting to kill Free Emirate representative Victorya Hiro. Through the quick actions of Paxton and Eastern security personnel, the assailants, identified as agents of Eastern Patriarch Oliver Masao, were stopped. One civilian was killed and another wounded by gunfire. Hiro commented that "this violence is endemic to the cruel rule of Patriarch Oliver Masao. The Free Emirates rejects his madness and seeks a peaceful solution to the rebellion, one which respects the rights of all."

Eastern Sun Emirate Ambassador Tapa Shan denied the men were Patriarchal agents, saying that "this is a blatant lie designed to besmirch the name of His Eminence Patriarch Masao."

Peace River officials have not commented on the security breach.


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