Wednesday, May 3, 2017


One more betabel down! This week, Our Heroes (tm) kidnap Katerina Kazzov from her private plane and race to gather as much information as they can before her webble fries her brain. But things can never go smooth…

[We begin the session inside the packing crate aboard Kazzov’s plane.]
Georges the GM: “What’s making things even worse in this confined space are your oxygen tanks.”
Ariel: “All I’m hearing is punishment for us not going the Bane route.”

[Zac asks the obvious question.]
Zac: “So, how do you think things are not gonna go to plan this time?”

[We reach cruising altitude and the gas is released, presumably knocking out everyone who is not us. The group leaves the crate and splits up.]
Brock: “I’m with Dawn, the rationale being that I want a chance to—”
Zac: “Shoot her in the head?”

[It’s been a while since last session.]
Lukas: “Everyone ready? Everyone knows what they have to do?”
Julie: “…Sure.”
Zac: “Remind me if it comes up.”

[Sadly, it seems not everyone has been knocked out by the gas, as we quickly discover.]
Georges the GM: “The seemingly-unconscious bodies roll back, drawing wakizashis and stun batons.”
Julie: “So… plan B, then?”

[Plan B involves blowing up the plane. There’s only one small problem.]
Brock: “We talked about the bomb, right?”
Georges the GM: “No.”
Brock: “Shit.”

[As we start taking down some of the henchmen, Kazzov comes over the comms.]
Katerina Kazzov: “So, how did you get aboard?”
Ariel: “Too busy shooting to answer.”

[More of the same.]
Katerina Kazzov: “Clearly we want you alive. We’ve wanted you alive for some time.”
Zac: “That’s just what someone who wanted us dead would say!”

[Brock gives us a sit-rep.]
Brock: “It’s not that we’re necessarily winning this, but we can certainly fuck it up.”

[Kazzov comes out to join the fight herself.]
Zac: *shoots Kazzov with anti-betalbel round*
Georges the GM: “Now we see how potent this round is.”
Brock: “Potent!”

[Torgath finally takes down Kazzov with an anti-betabel round, which would be enough to kill any normal human.]
Torgath: (to henchman) “I have more bullets like that if you want to get hit with one.”

[The plane is already descending, off course to some unidentified new target that seems to hold the Comptroller. We agree that Torgath and Dawn will infiltrate the landing zone while the rest of us parachute away from the plane with our hostage.]
Zac: “They know we’re soft and don’t like killing people.”
Ariel: “…”
Zac: “Some of us.”

[Step one of infiltrating the landing zone is successfully waking up the knocked-out pilots.]
Ariel: “Did we successfully wake up the pilots in time?”
Julie: “You’re about to find out!”

[The pilots wake up in time… barely.]
Pilot: “Strap in, prepare for emergency landing.”
Brock: “Meanwhile there are a dozen people unconscious on the floor.”

[Meanwhile, the rest of the team is picked up by Tatsugoro in his hopper.]
Tatsugoro: “So… on problem with extraction? *registers that there are only three of us* So… problem with extraction.”

[We can’t just leave Torgath and Dawn back at the landing zone by themselves, of course.]
Lukas: “How soon could you get more guns? More men with guns?”

[The plane has landed at a Northern Guard black site. From the safety of their crate, Torgath and Dawn have watched the crew be rounded up and put under guard.]
Gabrielle Summers: “Let’s build in a distraction, just in case we need to use it.”
Torgath: “What kind of distraction?”
Zac: “When people say ‘distraction’ like that, they usually mean explosives.”

[The two halves of the team manage to get briefly in radio contact.]
Lukas: “Wait for exfiltration at night… unless you hear an explosion.”

[The officers on the base refuel the plan. We are not yet in position for an heroic rescue.]
Georges the GM: “The refuelling stops after 25 minutes.”
Brock: “I message Tatsugoro on the off-chance he’s five minutes early.”

[With time getting short, the plan is a little more direct than most.]
Zac: “We’re just gonna drive the car onto the site?”
Brock: “Under cover of our aerial assault!”

[Two flying officers board the plane.]
Torgath: “You think they’re gonna fly us away?”
Gabrielle Summers: “Well, no one puts on a flight suit as a fashion statement.”

[Torgath and Dawn do what they do best.]
Torgath: (on comms) “Pilots are down.”
Julie: “You know what’s better than having one stealth hopper?”
Brock: *smiles*

[Indeed, instead of storming the base, we decide to commandeer the plane and take it back to Swanscombe, where we suspect the Comptroller, aka Detective Gorash, is hiding.]
Georges the GM: “So… we skip over Act 2.”

[We land the plane in Swanscombe, still containing the previously-knocked-out crew and two dead pilots.]
Julie: “Was our plan not to have Kazzov be mysteriously disappeared?”
Brock: “This is mysterious! We’re in conspiracy-theory territory!”

[In Swanscombe, we meet up with the rest of our team, aka Mads, Doc Chambers, Jimmy and Billy Croyden, and Ennik.]
Mads: “Did you know Patient 0 in there is Ennik’s sister?”
Lukas: “Yes. That’s why she’s still alive.”

[We discuss the possibility of removing the webble from Kazzov.]
Lukas: “It’d be a miracle, but not to sound smug, miracles are kind of our business.”
Ennik: “You failed at not sounding smug.”

[In the fight, Fennec’s data-pad was apparently hacked. We hand it over to Mads to look at, while Torgath and Fennec assist.]
Georges the GM: “Roll to see if you can keep up with Mads.”
Ariel: “Did he roll poorly?”
Georges the GM: “He rolled ten.”

[Also joining us is Ti Corovan, who reports that everything has been settled with Peace River and the Lassander name has been cleared, making us the official owners of the stock key worth 26 million dinar.]
Ti Corovan: “So, that being said… can I borrow a bit of cash?”

[We still have the issue of Katerina Kazzov’s webble, which despite the best efforts of Doc Chambers and our hackers, is slowly killing off her brain. Lukas tries to get in touch with his NGIS handler Nightingale, in the hopes that she might be able to help us.]
Zac: “Have you been speaking with your old boss? Has she asked for her hopper back?”
Brock: (mock-innocently) “Hopper? What hopper?”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “I feel like someone else should do these negotiations.”
Georges the GM: “You’re the one with the relationship with them.”
Brock: “’Relationship’. They hate me, I hate them.”

[And yet more.]
Brock: “Nightingale can set any terms she wants. It’s not like she’s gonna honor them.”
Georges the GM: “Or that you are.”

[While Torgath and Dawn were on the plane, they confirmed that Zadine Bartock is alive and working with Kazzov and the Bear. Lukas delivers the bad news to Minnie Bartok.]
Minnie Bartok: “You can call me and ask me for anything you need, but you can’t call me to hurt my feelings. Can you handle that?”
Julie: “No, he can’t.”

[Lukas tries to be reassuring.]
Lukas: “We’re gonna get him.”
Minnie Bartok: “Baakov made a similar promise.”
Lukas: “I don’t know about Baakov’s track record, but mine’s pretty good.”
Minnie Bartok: “Baakov put a bullet in his brain.”
Lukas: “…Fair point.”

[After quite a bit of creative maneuvering, we manage to keep Kazzov alive and extract some information from her.]
Georges the GM: “Congrats! I fully expected Kazzov to die by the end of the session.”
Zac: “So… miracle?”

[The next step of our plan involves going after Bartok, who has set himself up as a high-placed NGIS agent. Our plan is to get the NISA to sanction an attack.]
Georges the GM: “The only person Ti knows with contacts to the NISA is Nicosa Renault.”
Lukas: (mock-innocently) “Nicosa Renault?! Who’s that?!”

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