Friday, April 14, 2017


How do you make a betabel disappear without a trace and with no sign of foul play? With planning. Lots and lots of extensive planning.

[First step in starting our plan to take down Katerina Kazzov is getting into the North.]
Georges the GM: “Do you take the train or fly in by hopper?”
Brock: “What does Dawn suggest?”
Zac: “She is the one with the most knowledge of the people who would be hunting us.”
Brock: “And she has a link to the GM’s brain.”

[We plan to take the train in, but the question becomes what to do with our stealth hopper in the meantime.]
Julie: “We could lend the hopper to TI to take out Kim.”
Zac: “Would Lukas really just give up his hopper to a friend? Or… not a friend?”
Julie: “The person he hates most in the world?”

[Once in the North, we start thinking about our actual plan to take out Kazzov.]
Zac: “We’re trying to prevent her from boarding the jet?”
Brock: “I dunno. Throwing her out of it in midair has a certain appeal.”

[The best venue to attack Kazzov is during a wine-and-dine fundraiser for her charity that she will be hosting on a leased jet. Sadly, the easy solution of causing the jet to crash would also cause the death of the crew and staff.]
Fennec: “I don’t wanna pull the trigger casually on that many civilians.”
Lukas: “I’m not saying we do it casually. I’m saying we do it with great soul-searching and then come to the same conclusion.”

[Of course, if we crash the plane, we need to account for the fact that we boarded but would not be among the crash victims.]
Lukas: “Unless we can smuggle on the same number of bodies as we’re taking out when we jump before the crash, this is a no-go.”
Gabrielle Summers: “That is not out of the question.”

[Lukas has another idea.]
Lukas: “I have it! We steal the money, we kidnap her midair from the plane, problem solved!”

[Different people reveal their priorities with regards to Lukas’ plan.]
Lyta: “How do we steal the money in four days?”
Lukas: “And what do we spend it on?”
Fennec: “What is this charity for, exactly?”
Lukas: “Who cares?!”

[More of the same.]
Nadia: “A few little details I feel we should iron out…”
Lukas: “For the record, this is not our most ridiculous plan.”

[Georges the GM has some problems with this plan.]
Georges the GM: “The GM wonders: if you could steal 85-90 million marks from a bank at any time, why didn’t you do it years ago?”

[Brock has an answer for Georges the GM.]
Fennec: “Stealing the money would come down to…”
Lukas: “Mads and Oscar.”

[Zac has another answer.]
Zac: “We are a super-specialized data theft team.”
Brock: “We’ve just never turned our sights to bank robbery.”

[We turn our sights away from bank robbery to the other part of the op.]
Fennec: “So, now the easy part is taking a betabel alive from an airplane in flight, while killing no one else, and leaving no trace we were there.”
Lukas: “Yes.”

[ Plan A to get Kazzov off the plane is to gas everyone once the autopilot is engaged. Sadly, the plan to hack into the onboard flight systems is proving difficult.]
Fennec: “Couldn’t we just put a bug in the cockpit?”
Lukas: “I guess. It lacks elegance and sophistication, but it makes up for it in simplicity.”

[We’re pretty sure Kazzov won’t be affected by the gas.]
Fennec: “How are we gonna acquire her?”
Lukas: “We’re gonna dart her repeatedly and jump out the plane with her.”

[Fennec’s questions just seem to result in more work for Fennec.]
Fennec: “What are we gonna do to incapacitate her?”
Lukas: “Restrain her.”
Fennec: “With what?”
Lukas: “Specialized restraints you’re gonna build.”

[Other options to incapacitate Kazzov.]
Fennec: “Or possibly a body-bag full of cement.”
Lukas: “That’s not a bad idea…”

[Returning to the idea of gassing all the crew and staff…]
Georges the GM: “Which brings us to my next question: who’s your gas expert? Who’s your anesthesiologist?”
Brock: “Dawn probably has one.”

[Brock thinks of the perfect gassing expert.]
Brock: “You know who we really need? Gustafson.”

[The planning continues. With certain contingencies.]
Georges the GM: “As I understand it, once you have to shoot someone, you go to plan B: the whole plane comes down.”

[A final thought before we break for the night.]
Ariel: “Would the haywire round we’re using on Kazzov not disrupt the plane?”
Brock: “Good point. Don’t miss.”

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