Sunday, April 2, 2017


Data dump and planning plans! As we move into endgame of our six-year campaign, it’s always useful to know which of your many, many enemies you’re going to obliterate first.

[Fennec spends the downtime healing and building equipment. Brock reviews her long wish-list.]
Zac: “Anything with a checkmark has already been built.”
Brock: “There aren’t many checkmarks here.”

[High on the wish-list is, as always, a murder drone.]
Georges the GM: “What are the capabilities of the murder drone?”
Zac: “So far, murdering is at the top of the list.”

[Meanwhile, the rest of the PCs are in Junira Loresh, seeing Thral Jonas one last time. They have… different priorities for how they want to spent their time.]
Torgath: “You’re close to death, right? So is there any reason you can’t share the secret stories?”

[Everyone reconnects. It’s time to start scheming!]
Lukas: “I like this plan.”
Torgath: “I like everything except the lying part.”
Lukas: “I especially like the lying part.”

[As the final stage of a plan put into place nearly a cycle ago, Lukas closing his account at the DN bank.]
Lukas: “Also, where’s our money?”
Zac: (as Ti Corovan) “Funny you should mention it – I was just gonna bring that up.”

[More of the same.]
Ti Corovan: “If you want your money back, you need to close your account.”
Lukas: (contemplatively) “I do want my money back…”

[And yet more.]
Lukas: “Tell me more about what’s happening to my money.”
Ti Corovan: “You needn’t concern yourself with that right now.”
Lukas: “I think you need to concern me with this right now.”

[There’s been quite a lot of talk about how we’re gonna steal the Bear’s fortunes by handling Lukas’ account at DN bank. At some point in the middle of the conversation, Lukas susses out that Ti has recovered the original Peace River stock key that the Bear stole from the Lassander family so many cycles ago.]
Georges the GM: “I like how the complexity of this has obscured the fact that Ti has nonchalantly rescued your family fortune.”
Zac: “And does he get a thank-you? No!”
Brock: “He was trying to get me to steal it! Again! From myself!”

[So, long story short, we have recovered the Lassander family fortune of approximately 26 million dinar.]
Georges the GM: “Well, we can shut down the campaign now because you guys are filthy rich and don’t need to do this anymore.”

[More of the same.]
Zac: (to Brock) “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t get any of this fortune.”
Georges the GM: “It does make him feel better!”

[Back to the planning of plans, Our Heroes’ (tm) next move is to head up to Lyonnesse to deal with Ennik’s sister, one of the betabels.]
Ti Corovan: “There’s the question about what should be done with Gabrielle.”
Brock: “Is Ti suggesting we liquidate her?”
Zac: “…He asked hopefully.”

[More on the topic of what to do with Gabrielle.]
Brock: “Dawn is a very useful asset.”
Georges the GM: “Greater than her liability?”
Brock: (pointedly) “No more than anyone else on this team.”
Zac: “Ow!”

[And yet more.]
Zac: “The mysterious voice of God in the room seems to be vouching for Dawn.”

[We wrap up the session.]
Georges the GM: “You get 3 xp… and 26 million dinar!”

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