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Calamity! And just when everything was going so well, too. Our Heroes (tm) better get a move on, or all of Terra Nova might pay the price…

[Before we leave for Lyonnesse, Lukas gets a call from Nightingale, who wants to offer him a job again. Of course, the terms would have to be different…]
Nightingale: “Perhaps the financial incentives I offered you in the past may soon become… irrelevant.”
Brock: “Someone has good intel.”

[Lukas isn’t ready to immediately accept Nightingale’s offer.]
Lukas: “We’re not thinking long-term right now because…”
Zac: “Tomorrow we might die.”

[More maneuvering.]
Nightingale: “I do hope we can work together, Mr. Lassander.”
Lukas: “I’m not hostile to it, but you did try to have us killed.”

[Lukas reflects on the whole ‘tried to have us killed’ thing.]
Brock: “We did cause her some difficulties. I respect that.”
Zac: “She’s a woman after his own heart.”

[Lukas has his own ideas about the future.]
Brock: “I get Mads to look into Gustafson’s datapad. If I’m going into business, that might be a good business to get into.”
Zac: “Terrorism?”
Brock: “Arms dealing.”

[Meanwhile, the Doc is having his own conversation with Lyta.]
Doc Chambers: “So…”
Lyta: “I know that tone of ‘so’.”

[The Doc leaves the conversation in his typical style.]
Doc Chambers: “Next time you’re in Khayr-ad Din, come see me. I want to discuss your future with you. You may need an agent.”
Lyta: “What do you mean, ‘an agent’?”
Doc Chambers: “You… don’t know. Oh, no! You need to find out about this on your own! See you later, Lyta.” *leaves*
Lyta: *sputters*

[Also meanwhile, Ti has asked Fennec to join him for a meeting with Nadia once we arrive in Lyonnesse.]
Fennec: “You nervous about the meeting with Nadia? Because if it’s just bring your kid to work day, that’s fine. But if it’s something else…”

[Fennec digs for why Ti wants her to come along.]
Fennec: “Does Nadia know about Lyta?”
Ti Corovan: “Yes, she knows. She doesn’t much care for the Lyta situation.”
Fennec: “I’m like a schoolmarm at the square dance. Gotcha.”

[Finally meanwhile, Gabrielle Summers and Torgath are having a somewhat domestic scene.]
Georges the GM: “Gabrielle is reading a very depressing book.”
Julie: “Billy would approve.”
Georges the GM: “It was Billy’s recommendation.”

[More of the same.]
Gabrielle Summers: “Do you think we’ll ever be happy?”
Torgath: “Does it count if I’m happy now?”
Gabrielle Summers: “…I think it does.” *goes back to reading*

[Fennec and Ti meet up with Nadia. She passes over some information to Ti, who immediately leaves to call Doc Chambers, leaving the girls alone.]
Nadia: “So… Fennec.”
Fennec: “Nadia.”
Nadia: “Are you in love with Ti?”
Fennec: “That’s a forward question, ain’t it?”

[Nadia lays out the Kin’s relationship with Ti.]
Nadia: “Deep down, Ti knows we’d all die for him. We’d all kill for him.”
Julie: “Please don’t let her kill me.”

[Of course, not all of Ti’s associates are Kin anymore.]
Nadia: “Ti’s goals may have… shifted in light of recent allegiances.”
Julie: “Oh! I felt that burn all the way from wherever Lyta is!”

[The conversation has gotten… deep. And heavy.]
Georges the GM: “Ti comes back in.”
Zac: “Oh, thank God!”

[Ti and Fennec leave.]
Georges the GM: “Nadia gives you a hug. It’s chilling.”

[Ti gets Fennec’s perspectives on the conversation she just had.]
Ti Corovan: “You okay?”
Fennec: “…Nice lady.”
Ti: “She’s a bit intense.”
Fennec: “You could say that.”

[Ti lays out the way he brought the Kin into the fold, which involves months in the desert and then more months with silent monks on a mountaintop.]
Fennec: “So it’s either a team building exercise or a cult.”

[The second order of business in Lyonnesse is to meet with Nicosa Renault, whom Ti has known about for several weeks, behind the scenes.]
Ti Corovan: “I was mostly interested in plugging leaks.”
Lukas: “So why not come to me directly?”
Ti Corovan: *deep sigh*

[Ti tries to explain his reasoning to Lukas.]
Ti Corovan: “With Renault, at least I could trust she would abide by our arrangement.”
Zac: “Ouch! The gloves are off!”

[Ti has asked Lukas to work with him for the next 72 hours.]
Ti Corovan: “I hope that whatever happens, we’ll be able to stay out of each other’s way.”
Lukas: *long silence*
Zac: “Oh, c’mon. You know you’re dancing inside.”

[More on why Ti needs Lukas. Kinda.]
Lukas: “So, you said you had a pitch?”
Ti Corovan: “It’s pretty minimal.”
Zac: “That’s not a great pitch.”

[More of the same.]
Ti Corovan: “I’m appealing to… something. I don’t know what it is.”

[Ti and Lukas know where they stand with each other, part 1.]
Ti Corovan: “I want… I need you to participate in this. If I didn’t, I’d give you the boot right now.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta has been standing aside with Nicosa Renault.]
Nicosa Renault: “You’ve turned into an accomplished young woman.”
Lyta: “Thank you.”
Both: *long silence*

[In the aftermath of Lukas’ and Ti’s conversation.]
Fennec: “Everything go as planned?”
Ti Corovan: “That has yet to be determined.”

[After speaking with Ti, Lukas is approached by Nicosa Renault.]
Nicosa Renault: “Well, that was awkward.”
Lukas: “It would have been less awkward if you’d told me I’d been made.”

[Lukas briefs Renault.]
Nicosa Renault: “I assume Ti has asked you to assist with his offensive against the NGIS?”
Lukas: “He has.”
Nicosa Renault: “Have you accepted?”
Lukas: “Yet to be determined. His offer wasn’t very good.”

[Ti and Lukas know where they stand with each other, part 2.]
Lukas: “If I wasn’t for the stark necessity, I believe Ti would ‘give me the boot.’ On the other hand, there is the stark necessity.”

[Lukas and Renault discuss Lukas’ future.]
Lukas: “Ti’s big concern is that you’re going to offer me a job, which given that until this meeting I assumed I already had, I’m not sure what he’s worried about.”

[Nicosa Renault thinks it’s time to renegotiate their arrangement.]
Nicosa Renault: “I work in espionage. I cannot offer you grand, lofty ideals. There’s nothing but duty to the mission.”
Zac: “And pain, regret, loneliness, alcoholism…”

[Lukas decides what he’s going to answer Ti.]
Lukas: “I can hardly let them go on without me in the short term.”

[The reason our timetable has been upped so dramatically is that Katerina Kazzov and the Bear’s organization has access to a virus that will selectively target and genocide the Koreshi. It might be deployed any minute. Ti and Gabrielle have come up with a plan… but it’s not a very good plan. It first involves Gabrielle turning herself in, and then ratting out Torgath.]
Gabrielle Summers: “The NGIS would subject Torgath to interrogation…”
Torgath: “And I drive them all crazy?”
Gabrielle Summers: “Yes.”

[Gabrielle would likely be ‘requested’ to witness Torgath’s interrogation.]
Lukas: “It seems that your observation of Torgath would be the weak point in this plan – your honest reactions.”
Torgath: “It’s okay – part of her still hates me.”

[Torgath is less worried about his interrogation than he might be.]
Ariel: “My counter-interrogation goal is to quote an entire novel.”

[Always important to know how you’re going to get out.]
Gabrielle Summers: “Ti has suggested an egress under cover of a distraction.”
Fennec: “The kind that explodes?”
Gabrielle Summers: “Yes.”

[Fennec says what we’re all thinking.]
Fennec: “It seems like there’s a lot that can go wrong with this. More than usual.”
Gabrielle Summers: “There’s a lot of things that can go wrong, but there are a number of fail-safes.”
Lukas: “They won’t see it coming, for one.”

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