Thursday, July 18, 2013

Game Planning

"So...what's the plan? What are we doing here?"

"Making money."

The glibness of Lukas' response to his sister's question was typical, and the lie came with the ease of regular practice. But Lukas found himself asking, strangely, the same question.
He had come down to the Humanist Alliance largely because when the world's leading super-spy and information broker tells you to do a thing, twice, you damn well do it. Particularly when her attack dog is in town looking over your shoulder.

And so Lukas had made his way on the maglev to the strangest place on Terra Nova, had spent nearly all (but, importantly, not exactly all) of the siblings' money on facial reconstruction, and had gone out of his way over the past few days in order to avoid revealing what he had done to those same siblings.

They trusted him, rather naively, to make the right decision, to do what was best, and Lukas was finding it impossible now to reveal to them that he in fact did not know what they should do. And so he fell back on an answer that was believable, because it had always been enough before.

So why wasn't it enough now?

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