Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter I - Responsabilities

Winter 1914

“Well, that makes it official.”

As Donovar Lassander looked up from the latest document to receive his signature, his lawyer offered a self-effacing smile as he spoke and delicately fingered the document, sliding it back towards him across the polish hardwood desk.

“And may I add on a personal note that I find you act a very generous one,” came again the cooing sounds of the Lassanders' attorney.

“Well, we’re happy to do what little we can, that poor boy.” Anastasy Lassander basked in the hollow praise of the legal professional who was only thinking of his commission. Given the healthy estate the Shelbys left behind for their son, the advocate could look forward to earning even more administering the trust over the next 10 cycles. His wife, on the other hand, was genuinely happy to take Todd on as ward; she enjoyed well-behaved children and Todd was quiet by nature. Besides, they would only have him for weekends and holidays until he graduated from boarding school. He really wasn’t much of a burden on the Lyssanders, though Donovar felt Lukas had shown a little too much reservation at the idea when it was discussed.

“It’s the least we can do. Think of all the poor children suffering in the Poles, I can’t bear to think about it too long.” Anastasy became emotional; she always did when she thought of the orphans. Donovar looked at his silly wife and was reminded of how much he dearly loved her.

Terra Nova was fighting for its existence. The CEF had swept away everything in their path and his wife could only think of the immediate loss. It was short-sighted, but it was earnest. Donovar didn't allow himself the luxury of lingering on the individuals lost. That was why he, as a shareholder of Paxton Arms, had voted to ensure that Peace River stayed neutral. The city-state simply did not have the resources to go to war, not yet. They would let weapons be smuggled out secretly; he was already coordinating the sales. They would do their part.

“We’re just doing our part,” his wife spoke for the both of them as they left the office, shaking Donovar from his inner monologue. Hands were shaken and more pleasant smiles exchanged.

In the entrance to the office, Todd Shelby sat reading a book. Donovar watched as his wife approached him and hugged him. The boy returned the gesture mechanically, as if he only knew how to react because he had read instructions to physical contact. Donovar had not seen Todd cry, not even when they told him that his parents had died while trying to get back from Ashington. Anastasy was teary-eyed again but beaming as she looked back at Donovar adoringly. She took Todd’s hand and led the way home.

'Well that makes it official' Donovar thought to himself.

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Charlie Bottoms said...

Too busy reading Mesner Hamilton's "Beneath the Polar Waves" to cry. Affect is mechanical because entire attention is focused on the events unfolding beneath the aforementioned waves, so any movement is purely autonomic.

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