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From the diary of Lyta Lassander (1914-1916)

8 Autumn, 1914

In honour of Lukas finishing his driving lessons, Daddy let him take the car without a driver today. He took Todd and left super-early, even before I left for practice and were gone all day. I wanted to come with him, but he brushed me off. He said they were doing "grown up things," and I was "just a kid." Ugh! I wish he'd stop calling me that!

I guess it doesn't matter, anyway. I had three hours of training this morning and another three after siesta, and I'd never catch up for the Regionals if I took the whole day off. Next week! So stressed! I'm still having trouble stick-landing the gainer and I keep sticking my foot out in the double-twist. Need to get that fixed!

Still, wish I coulda gone with Luk on his first joy-ride...



25 Autumn, 1914

Worst. Birthday. Ever. Daddy promised that he'd get me tickets to the Polars this year, he promised! We were going to go with Alexi and Kenna. We planned for season and seasons! But now he says that we can't go because it's "too dangerous." He says we can go watch it on the big holo-trideo. But the Polars are in Innsbruck this year, and that's not even anywhere near where the CEF are! I can look at a map! He's just being mean! Evelyn Salma is competing this year, and she trains at the same gym as me!

Lukas said I need to "stop being a baby." But he doesn't understand! It's Evelyn Salma! She has a shot at the gold! Trideo's not the same! And it's my thirteenth birthday! That's gotta count for something, right?

We went out for dinner tonight, to celebrate, but I didn't want to celebrate. Daddy needs to learn to keep his promises.



11 Summer, 1915

Lukas was gone again all day today, with Todd. He never takes me with him. He says it's too dangerous for me to go with him and that I'm too young. He always calls me too young! He says I should keep my head down and practice my gymnastics and not poke my nose into "grown up business." He never takes me seriously. He doesn't even care that I won gold at the Baja meet.

I followed him today, though. I don't think he saw me. I don't know what he's so worried about -- it was boring. He met with people who were even older than him and they drank cawfee and talked and looked super-serious. I couldn't hear most of what they were saying, but it sounded like they were talking about guns and supplies and things. I don't know why they can't just go to a store like normal people.

I can't believe I missed half of afternoon training for this. Totally not worth it.



15 Winter, 1916

Equatorial Championships today. Father was there, obviously. Front and centre, like always. Even Mom came out. I think she just wanted to tell all her friends that her daughter's a big-shot athlete, but even so. Both parents at one meet! How often does that happen?

I wish I really was a big-shot. Still in the Juniors. Juniors can't compete in the Polar Leagues. Next year, though. I'm watching you, calendar! 1917 is my cycle to shine! You hear me? Polar Leagues! Gold medal! Father says the CEF is retreating, so it'll be extra-special. Take back the world, win the gold! Woo-hoo!

Luk didn't come, but I didn't really expect him to. He never comes. I wish he'd come, just once, to see how much better I've gotten. I think the last time he came to watch me compete, I was 11, and that was only because it was my first Regionals and Father forced him to. He was still on crutches and everything. But he doesn't care. He says gymnastics is "for kids." I wish I could sit him down long enough to show him some trideos from last year's Olympics. He'd be singing a different song then!

I did good today. Eleventh on the balance beam (stupid balance beam), sixth in vault, bronze in uneven bars, and gold on the floor compulsories. Woo, gold! Overall standing: fifth! (Next year, Polars!) I think there was a scout from the Equatorial team watching. Totally need to get Father to find out.

Super-tired now. I think I'm gonna sleep for a week. No, wait. Training tomorrow at 0500. Who comes up with these schedules?!? (Right. I did. Haha.)


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