Friday, March 11, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander

40 Summer, 1913

I'm grounded for, like, a season. I hate St. Vincent's Day. "Go to see the stoneheads," Mom said, "It'll improve your culture." I hate culture too. And I didn't even get to see the stoneheads.

I should have just slept through the siesta. It's what normal people do. It's what I normally do. But no, I just had to find out where Lukas was. And I just had to run into Bryan and Raz. Pudgy Raz and Bryan the Evil. And even that wouldn't have been so bad if Lukas could have just kept his ugly mouth shut. He thinks Daddy's money is going to save him forever, but I don't think Bryan cares.

We had to run away from the museum 'cause I pulled the fire alarm. I didn't tell Mom that part. But Lukas was getting pummelled and I thought maybe it would distract Bryan long enough to let us run away. Not that Lukas ever runs away. But then Ti showed up and we ran to this cave his cousin knew about. He had a map and everything.

I hate caves, too.

I totally ruined my clothes in the cave. With the blood on the crates. And the blood from the split lip that Bryan gave me. I don't think Mom cared so much about the clothes, though. Not after what happened to Lukas. I can't believe he kept talking! He just kept talking and talking, even after Marna shot him! She was going to shoot him again! And me and Todd and Ti too! He just doesn't know how to shut up!!! And Todd's not any better, with his books and the center of the world and the sand riders. I bet he wants to marry a sand rider.

I saw a sand rider, though. He fixed Lukas' leg and carried him outside. He said that Marna stole his stuff. And then he rode away. I didn't know sand riders talked Anglic. I thought they stole kids, but this one seemed nice.

And then there was the crack in the sky when the medivac showed up and streaks were coming down from the sky and no one knows what's happening, not even Mom and Daddy. But I'm still grounded.

I thought Lukas would shut up because he's on painkillers and they say it's supposed to make you sleepy, but he isn't. He's just mean. And he's really fast on his crutches. And I'm not allowed to leave the house except for school and gymnastics, and I'm not allowed to watch the trideo either. Maybe I'll ask Mom to let me join the wrestling team. Ti's on the wrestling team. I bet he could have gotten the gun away from Marna if he'd tried. If Lukas hadn't kept making her angry.

I wish I knew what was going on. I'm not a kid. I'm almost 12. I wish people would tell me what's happening.


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Charlie Bottoms said...

(fyi: "Todd")

Julie said...

Fixed now. Funny, I originally thought it was "Todd," and then I saw that Georges had spelled it with only one "d", so I changed it.

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