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Hotel Bravo

Although the Badlands Caravan Guild Compound in Khayr ad-Din has the circular layout and underground construction associated with the traditional Badlands oasis tower, the honeycomb structure which now stands as the global headquarters for the Guild grew more organically. Lacking the initial capital to build a complete facility in 1920, a modular construction was conceived to allow growth when needed. The complex is both built into the ground but also into a small hill side. This offers it both natural defence from aggression and the elements.

Phases of Construction
The compound started rather modestly as little more than a garage. The initial phase was built directly into the side of a a small mound or rock and sand and designed to accommodate half a dozen Longrunners. This section (built between 1920-1922) is called the South Quadrant and was built on three levels, ground level being the merchandise reception garage for Longrunners and warehouse, the floor above was designed for offices and some living quarters and bellow a hangar for gears and more warehousing.

In the second phase (1925-1926) the North Quadrant was built to expand reception and storage. This phase also included construction bellow and above the garage, adding the North warehouse on the second level and the new Hive complex underneath.

The final phase (1930-1931) added an upper floor for the solar array as well as as the Bunker portion and redundancy utilities dug far beneath the complex. Notably this expansion also created the new Guild offices and refurbished the South Quadrant’s second floor with the new Atrium and living quarters.

The base can be seen as two hemispheres: the South and North quadrants. It can also be seen in terms of levels: the “Hangar” Level underground, the “Home” Base at ground level and the “Hearth” level above. To those we must add the “Hat” level crowning the hill with the solar array and the Bunker which is a nearly autonomous section of the compound.

Those who frequent and live in the KAD BCG compound just call it “Hotel Bravo” (Home Base). The internal layout is generally referred to by section - since they where all built independently - each retains a distinct function and feel.

Home Level
One enters Hotel Bravo by either the South or North Gates. These enormous blast doors are almost always open, so that if one had not seen a sand storm one might think there was no way to close the garages. South Garage can accommodate 6 parked Longrunners but is high enough for even a Mother Barnaby to enter. There is a central loading dock at the back wall which brings merchandise to the security section and on to the warehouse situated at the western end of the garage. in that same area is a Gear elevator which can carry two Spiting Cobra’s at once. From the security and freight reception office one can access the central elevator which services the entire complex with three cars inside. There is no direct access from the South to the North Garage, only limited access through the warehouses. The South Garage is not as high but more optimised for Longrunners than its forerunner and can accommodate 8 of them. Unlike the South Garage where freight is moved on the same level or bellow, the North Garage has a freight elevator which goes up to the North Warehouse. Through the South Warehouse one can access the Guild offices, however most caravaners pass through the “Lounge” for some refreshments and then through the security checkpoint and up the main stairs. The stairs allow one to access any part of the base, assuming one has the security clearance.

Hearth Level
From either the South Garage elevator or the Lounge or North Warehouse one gets up to the Hearth level of the compound. The North Warehouse is more restricted. All access is controlled by a security checkpoint. Most caravaners enter by the elevator or the stairs. The former brings one up to the most dramatic room in the complex; the Atrium. Originally built as the offices and living quarters, after the final expansion it was turned into a large reception area with pick nick and cawfe tables as well as benches for relaxation. The outer circumference of the south side of this level has thick blast windows which allow natural light (when the shields are up) for trees and planters which provide the fresh produce consumed at Hotel Bravo. To the left of the Atrium is the Galley which is a professional sized kitchen with some tables at one end near the meat locker.

If one follows the trees and fruit westward one arrives at the living quarters. This area has a number of rooms ranging from state rooms with private baths to larger dorms that bunk 8. Showers and bathrooms are at both end of the living quarters. To a number of caravaners this is home away from the home on the Longrunners.

The stairs from the Lounge on the Home level lead up to the new Guild offices. After the initial lobby one enters the main foyer reception area with its distinctive half moon desk. Behind it is the conference room and to the left are executives offices. Other doors lead to accounting and secretarial offices.

Hangar Level
Dug under the ground are two sections of Hotel Bravo. Beneath the South Garage is the Hangar proper. This is accessed by a heavy gear elevator. Down here the Guild can house two cadre of gear, munitions and spare parts. There is enough room to store a few hovertanks as well. The warehouse from the main level also has a freight elevator down to this level. As both warehouses are designated as the South Warehouse collectively, they are differentiated by the names “attic” at ground level and “cellar” bellow.

The Main elevator leads one back up to another level, or if one has the right access, it moves laterally to a hidden section known as the Hive. This section was built under the North Garage and serves at the main intelligence collection and analysis center for the Guild. It can also be reached by the central staircase. Going through a number of open-area offices one arrives at Operations. This large space can accommodate 50 people huddled around a central round table which seats 12. The walls are covered with screens providing data and holographic projections of everything and anything the Guild is focusing on. At the end of this section are restrooms, a weapons and equipment storeroom and Chambers’ office. From here one can also access the Bunker. It has redundant computing, air and water supplies.

Other Sections
The Bunker was added last and is not generally used. Buried deep beneath the complex, it has a back up generator, water and auxiliary control. It also has two tunnels leading to a secondary Hermes satellite and a remote egress to the east.

The Hat, or upper most floor is mostly utilities, including the solar array, air purification and Hermes uplink. There is a large unused section which some employ as a jogging track.

The main generator, water tanks and fuel reservoirs are all heavily fortified and built into the hill away from potential leaks or sabotage. Security doors block most sections off from each other, allowing a great degree of control in internal movement. Cameras, motions sensors as well as old fashioned locks abound. Sensitive areas require biometric scans, and one has to know where they are to begin with. At critical junctions, portions of the walls are designed to be removed to build defensible positions in case of breach and internal fighting.

The compound also has a few exterior building. There are two trasher warehouses where valuable items are triaged. There is also an area for Longrunners to park long term with access to water and electricity as well as restrooms. A large park with a jungle gym sits just by the Longrunner parking lot. Finally, there is a hopper pad and hangar.

Hotel Bravo is situated at the crossroads of the south trade route to Westphalia and the main boulevard linking the Core district to the West district. It sits at the very edge of the South district cluster. The compound is roughly oval, nearly 1 Km on the longer axis and half that on the other. A fence rings the area though the main defense is a ferrocrete wall that extends around the circumference of the hill. A dozen ferrocrete “fox” holes have also been poured around the perimeter to give added defense to gears in the case of assault. Cameras, trip sensors and an ill-tempered dawg complete the perimeter defence.

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