Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander (Spring 1916)

5 Spring, 1916

There's no food left. Father says all the stores are closed because of the CEF. I don't know. I've been in the house for almost two weeks. When the attack started, Father told me to go in the basement and stay there, and I stayed there for almost two days. And then he wouldn't let me leave the house. He wouldn't let Lukas leave the house either, but Lukas never listens.

I think this is the longest I've ever gone without training. I tried to do tumbling in the basement, but the ceiling is too low and the floor is too hard. I hope everyone at the gym is okay. I hope Alexi and Kenna and Coach Godrik are okay. Maybe if I just keep doing exercises, I'll still be in form when the CEF leave and I can start training again. I hope the CEF leave soon.

Father says the CEF set up ration lines for food, and he's going to get some. I begged and begged for him to let me go too. I can't stand being in the house anymore. Lukas says he's staying here to protect Mom. She doesn't leave her room very much. She thinks I don't know when she's crying. Lukas says he has to stay here to protect her if Father leaves to get food.

Uncle Antoni says the CEF are going around to all the houses in Baja to use them to billet their soldiers. Billet means that the soldiers will sleep there. I hope they don't come to our house. I don't want the CEF sleeping in my room.

Father's calling. Must go! Leaving the house! Write more later!



6 Spring, 1916

I hate them! I hate them I hate them I hate them!!! Lukas can't talk, but he hates them too.

Father didn't even cry, not at all. I cried, but not Father. He just looked at Mom for a long time, and then left the house again for hours. When he came back, he had Dr. Korsev with him, and he fixed Lukas' jaw so it's all bound up. He said he wanted to take Lukas to the hospital to put a cast on it but the hospital is full of CEF. I hate the CEF.

Father dug a grave behind the house. He said he wished he had a priest, but that God would understand. We all said goodbye, and Father didn't cry at all. He just stared and stared until it was dark out.

I want the CEF to all leave. I hate them.



22 Spring, 1916

Father hasn't been eating. He thinks I don't notice, but I do. I'm the one doing the cooking since Anna left and since Mom... Well, since Mom. I mean, I know I'm not a great cook, but I'm not that bad. Lukas eats my food. But Father doesn't. He just picks at it. He doesn't talk much either, not anymore. He just looks sad all the time.

When he came home yesterday he said we all had to pack bags with clothes and food and gear. I asked if we were leaving, but he said not yet.

Todd came over today. He has bags too. Father says he's not staying at the academy anymore, he's staying with us. I asked Todd if he could hear the bombs all the way from the academy, but he said he didn't want to talk about it. Then he went to Lukas' room and they haven't come out at all.

I hope that we leave soon. I hate it here.


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