Friday, October 14, 2011


Yes! After over a month of missed games, we're back, baby! The name of the game this week is "infiltration." Sometimes successful, sometimes not. But at least all the pieces are now in place... we hope.

[While we have our suspicions about who's trying to kidnap Dr. Henriette Vovelle, we don't have any hard proof.]
Georges the GM: "Ah, now we reveal: there's a whole lot of information, a whole lot of conjecture, but no actual knowledge."
Josh: "That's never stopped us before."

[We killed all the guys in the detail squads who came after us.]
Brock: "We need a prisoner."
Josh: "What's this about a prisoner?"
Julie: "We don't have one."

[To hold up his part of the deal, Professor Artoor Vovelle invites the PCs for dinner. Also in attendance are four Port Arthur socialites, a military man, and his wife.]
Georges the GM: "The military man eyes you suspiciously. Then again, he eyes everyone suspiciously."

[Ennik knows that Dr. Henriette Vovelle is somehow connected with the Tantalus Project. Sadly, he's also not very subtle.]
Ennik: "Dr. Vovelle, some of this food is absolutely tantalizing."
Brock: "Lukas' interior monologue says, 'Smooth. Real smooth.'"

[Josh's character Ennik was a prisoner of war in the CEF mines. Sadly, not the CEF mines where the seeds of the Tantalus project were planted.]
Ariel: "It's lying by omission."
Josh: "It's lying by 'close enough.'"
Georges the GM: "No, it's lying by lying."

[Ennik pokes further, trying to get Dr. Henriette Vovelle to reveal what she knows about the Tantalus Project.]
Georges the GM: "Professor Artoor looks a little embarrassed by the whole situation."
Lukas: "Thank you, Professor. Delicious dinner. Try not to get kidnapped."

[In response to Ennik's prodding, we're greeted by Major Baria, head of SecBuro in Port Arthur, who implies that the PCs were responsible for some of the recent violence in the city.]
Lukas: "We're not responsible for any of the violence. We're armed bystanders."

[Remember last time, when we were trying to get Jan Sebastopol out of the city and were attacked by a SecBuro squad? Remember how we turned them into so much hamburger? Yeah, Major Baria remembers that too.]
Baria: "Three days ago, a squad of my SecBuro were severely wounded in the GREL Quarter..."
Lukas: "GRELs are exceedingly dangerous."

[As of yet, Baria doesn't know who attacked his squad. Though he certainly has his suspicions. And, really, suspicions are almost as good as proof.]
Baria: "With enough digital enhancement, we could probably make out who they were."
Lukas: "With enough digital enhancement, you could make them anyone."
Baria: *grinning* "I could. Thank you."

[Ti Corovan gives Torgath a mil-spec PDA/Hermes hookup as an apology present. Torgath says he can't take it, because he's worried Ti would use it to form a rift between him and his siblings.]
Lukas: "You can keep it. You'd never betray us."
Torgath: "Betray?"
Lukas: "See, it's not even in your vocabulary. You know every other word in the language..."

[Lyta, Lukas, and Ennik take Ti out for lunch.]
Ti Corovan: "So, are we on speaking terms now?"
Lukas: "If we weren't on speaking terms, how could we gloat?"

[Just a true statement.]
Lyta: "I have seen the enemy, and they are purple."

[Ti reveals that the man who hired the detail squads was a NorthCo representative named Ishmael Backett. The PCs contemplate paying him a visit.]
Ti Corovan: "Let's remember that when you paid a visit to the Vovelles, you nearly wound up arrested."
Ennik: "But we weren't."
Lukas: "And that's the critical point."

[We consider working with Ti Corovan to further our mutual goals.]
Lukas: "...So long as our goals align and we have no unstated purpose. Well, Ennik has an unstated purpose, but his unstated purpose has been... stated."

[Ennik considers getting hired on by the Forzi so he can figure out what they're up to.]
Lukas: "Doesn't Ennik look like he's in need of employment, the sort that requires a high bone-to-brain ratio?"

[Ti notes that most of the Forzi elite are, in fact, women.]
Josh: "I told you we'd be up against elite female ninjas!"

[Torgath is released from the hospital. His bills work out to almost 7,000 marks.]
Brock: "We could afford it, but it would be better if you went out the window."

[Lyta plans to infiltrate the elite of the Forzi. Sadly, she's not very good at lying.]
Lukas: "Talk as little as possible. That's crucial."

[Our hired muscle, Perry, gets Lyta an introduction with the Forzi boss, Mrs. Katchelli.]
Perry: "We heard you were hiring people... and she's a person."

[Meanwhile, Lukas and Ennik go back to Minnie's bar in the GREL Quarter, where Lukas once again flirts with the bartender.]
Lukas: "I'll take a bottle of whatever's expensive."
Bartender: "I can make it as expensive as you like... and as bad."
Lukas: "In that case, I'll take a bottle of whatever's best."

[Lukas is there to see the Croyden Brothers, one of whom -- Jimmy -- is currently attempting to fleece a pretty little redhead.]
Bartender: "I wouldn't interrupt."
Lukas: "Well, if it gives me the pleasure of your company a little longer, I'm content to wait."
Bartender: "In that case, I'll see if he's free."

[Jimmy comes over and we get to the heart of the matter.]
Ennik: "I want to know where I can find the Kolsons. Here in Port Arthur, not in Wounded Knee."
Jimmy Croyden: "You've made my task considerably more difficult, but as a saving grace, also considerably more profitable."

[Ennik asks how much it would cost to buy everything Jimmy Croyden knows about the Kolson operations in Port Arthur.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Let's see... add those three... carry the zero..."
Ennik: "Do you carry the zero?"
Lukas: "In shyster math you do."

[Lukas tries to figure out what would be an appropriate mask to wear to meet the Kolson's banker.]
Ariel: "You should get a papier-maché mask made out of money."

[Ennik plans for his meeting with the Kolson's banker.]
Georges the GM: "How were you planning to ask him?"
Josh: "I was planning on resorting to the shotgun to the face."
Julie: "I hit him until he tells me."

[Lyta gets her orders from Ti Corovan on what she should find out while she's infiltrating the Forzi.]
Ti Corovan: "Find out why she needs an army..."
Josh: "Who doesn't need an army of elite female ninja assassins?"
Georges the GM: "Good point."

[Ennik realizes he needs help and calls up our I.T. genius, Oscar.]
Ennik: "You remember those files you hacked and almost got yourself killed?"
Oscar: "If I had to remember every time I hacked a file and every time I almost got killed..."
Ennik: "Tantalus."
Oscar: "Oh."

[Ennik tries to explain what he wants.]
Oscar: "Stop, stop, stop. This is ridiculous. Clearly you have no idea what you are doing and you need Oscar to make it clear for you."

[Oscar has such a way with words sometimes.]
Oscar: "You are a very sharp plastic implement."

[With all the bribery we've been doing lately, we don't have that much money to pay Oscar.]
Brock: "This will be a self-financing job. If it works, he gets paid."

[Did I mention that in addition to being a brilliant I.T. guy, Oscar is flamingly gay?]
Ennik: "We're on a tight budget..."
Oscar: "No, no, no. I don't want to hear 'tight' except in front of 'pants' or 'shirt.'"

And that's it for this time. Join us next time when we find out how long Lyta can remain an undercover agent without being found out, whether Ennik and Oscar can grab the information they need from the Kolson banker, and how long Lukas will be permitted to drink cawfee at a cafe before everything goes to hell... again.

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