Friday, September 9, 2011


The plot progresses! Last night's session saw Our Potentially Suicidal Heroes (tm) delve deeper into the GREL Quarter, where they met with various shady characters, finally made their way to rendezvous with Bakov, and smuggled Jan Sebastopol out of the city. And, of course, tried to one-up our childhood friend and current business rival, Ti Corovan.

[We're in the heart of the GREL Quarter. Our odds are not good: 3 of us vs. 100,000 of them.]
Lyta: "Not that I'm doubting your martial prowess, but I don't think even you could take out 30,000 GRELs without a small nuclear weapon."
Brock: "Ooh! I look for one of those."

[GRELs are large. Even Lukas and Ennik, with their +1 build, are not going to fit in very well.]
Georges the GM: "You guys are close to... woman GREL size."

[Instead of trying to blend in, Lyta is as stealthy as a stealthy thing can be.]
Julie: "I'm a shadow. A very angry shadow."
Josh: "Well, I'll just hang out near the anger waves."

[We enter a downtrodden bar in the basement of an old CEF bunker.]
Julie: "I'm thinking about how to get out."
Brock: "And thinking is half the battle."
Julie: "The other half is getting out without being dead."

[Lukas tries to flirt with the female bartender, who thankfully happens to be human.]
Bartender: "What are you having?"
Lukas: "Whiskey, and your name."
Bartender: "The whiskey is three dinars, and my name is a lot more expensive than that."

[Lukas, master of stating the obvious.]
Bartender: "You seem desperate."
Lukas (whispering): "I am. I don't know if you've noticed, but we're in the GREL Quarter surrounded by GRELs."

[Lukas, master of the smooth move.]
Lukas: "I'm sitting at that table with my two friends and my sister."
Bartender: "I appreciate the clarification."

[Meanwhile, Ti tries to get information out of Lyta and Ennik.]
Ti (to Lyta): "You can't just be going around picking fights all the time."
Ennik: "Have you met them?"

[More of the same.]
Ti: "You need a hobby."
Lyta: "You might not have noticed where we are, but right now my hobby is being not dead."

[Ennik is a recovering alcoholic. He's drinking water to stop himself from doing something stupid.]
Bartender: "We mostly have regulars here."
Ennik: "I'm a drunk. Aren't I a regular in every bar?"
Bartender: "Only when you're drinking."
Ennik: "Fair point."

[We're approached by Ti's contacts, two men known as the Kroyden Brothers. Lukas tries to find out more about them.]
Bartender: "They do more legitimate stuff too: trafficking, contraband..."

[Lukas, master of the semantic twist.]
Ti: "I was following them."
Lukas: "We were following you... from in front."

[Having gotten the information we need, we leave the bar.]
Ti: "I hope you don't mind that I left the bottle behind with the Kroyden Brothers."
Lukas: "Since I haven't paid for it yet, I don't mind at all."

[Lukas gets a call from our Forzi goons, checking in.]
Lukas: "You and Joey are not to get into any blue vans under any circumstances."
Perry: "Boss, if you don't mind my saying, that's awfully specific."

[We get to the building where Bakov is. It's guarded by a group of Mordred GRELs who have no qualms about pointing their weapons directly at us.]
Georges the GM: "Let's assume you do what the massively scary GRELs tell you."

[Lukas gains Bakov's respect by whispering that we work for super-spy Nicosa Renault and can thus disseminate his highly sensitive information.]
Ti: "I have no name I can whisper in your ear to impart instant bona-fides..."
Josh: "Aw, Ti's jealous!"

[We agree to smuggle Jan Sebastopol out of the city.]
Brock: "Man, if this were a vampire game, we would totally be racking up the boons!"

[Our cover story to smuggle out Sebastopol: we're an SNS team, and Lyta's the reporter.]
Julie: "Okay, goal for this game: spent a point in theatrics!"

[We spend a tense half-hour waiting for Ti's contact in SNS to pull through.]
Lukas: "So... how about that GREL uprising?"
Ennik: "Smoke 'em if you got 'em."

[Lyta really, really doesn't like GRELs.]
Bakov: "So how is it that three of you are on one team, and one of you is not?"
Lukas (pointing to Lyta and Ti): "He's her ex-boyfriend."
Bakov: "Based on her reaction, I think not. If she were not so busy being angry, she might blush."

[Ti wants the information that Bakov gave Lukas.]
Ti: "So what do I have to promise you to get a secret name whispered in my ear?"
Lukas: "I didn't know you were that kind of guy."

[We lure Helen Luka, the up-and-coming reporter, into the GREL Quarter in order to take her equipment and smuggle out Sebastopol. Luka is not convinced that we're serious.]
Helen Luka: "From what I know about the Perfect Form Movement, they don't do violence."
Lukas: "We do."

[While Helen Luka is interviewing Sebastopol -- our compromise for taking her stuff -- we're attacked by a SecBuro tac squad. Lukas expertly throws a grenade at them.]
Georges the GM: "The sound of falling hamburger..."
Josh: "Ah, the sound of victory."
Brock: "The taste of it, too."

[Helen Luka, meanwhile, doesn't pause in her interview with Sebastopol.]
Georges the GM: "The reporter now seems happy that there's an 'action backdrop' to her interview."

[In mere rounds, three of the four SecBuro tac squad members are dead, and one is lost in a cloud of smoke.]
Bakov: "I appreciate that you handled the situation with SecBuro... efficiently."
Ennik: "Major, that's the sort of understatement we appreciate in an intelligence officer."

[We've sent Torgath off with Ti's people to get medical attention. Sadly, we have no idea where they now are, and Ti's not inclined to tell us until Lukas gives him back his radio, which Lukas doesn't want to do.]
Josh: "So there's a hostage situation."
Brock: "So there is."
Josh: "Oh, well. Sucks for Ariel."

[While we used to be friends, technically Ti is now our business rival.]
Ti: "I was hoping to get the credit for getting Sebastopol out of the city."
Ennik: "You can. We don't care."
Ti: "Yeah, but you were there..."
Ennik: "Wait, you're not actually honest about this sort of thing, are you?"

[Ti continues to insist that he won't get the credit.]
Ennik: "This whole 'integrity' thing is intriguing."

[Ti reveals that his team has actually been in contact with Dr. Henriette Vovelle -- our ultimate target -- for a week.]
Lukas (highly sarcastically): "Wait, you mean he actually withheld part of his information from us? Inconceivable! I'm shocked and blindsided!"

[Ti tries to justify himself.]
Ti: "If I'd told you I had another way to contact Henriette, would you have helped those GRELs?"
Ennik: "Yes."
Lukas: "No."
Lyta: "No."
Ti: "Nice try, Ennik."

[Things are going well for the PCs. For once.]
Josh: "The tables have turned! It's like we're the protagonists! Finally!"

[More of Ti trying to justify himself.]
Lukas: "You remember when you said you didn't know what you'd done to earn the lack of trust?"
Ti: "Yes."
Lukas: "This. This is what you'd done."

[Ever get the sense that your entire life is scripted?]
Lukas: "We're probably going to keep running into each other because... fate."

[Lukas, yet again master of the semantic twist.]
Lukas: "We wouldn't kill you, because who knows when we'd have to rescue you again."
Ti: "Wait, what occasions were those?"
Lukas: "We rescue you from boredom."

[Comparing our situation to Ti's.]
Ennik: "They're probably paying you better."
Lukas: "No, he gets paid in dignity and self-respect."

[We return to town to find Torgath recovering in the hospital. But is that an excuse for downtime? No way!]
Georges the GM: "Port Arthur: The town where PCs never sleep."

And now we take a two-week hiatus while various players and Georges the GM do some real-world travelling. Join us in three weeks when we find out whether we actually manage to contact Dr. Henriette Vovelle, and whether we survive the next few days in Port Arthur without being the target of yet more detail squads! Yay!

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