Friday, September 2, 2011


Combat, combat, combat! This week, Our Wounded Heroes (tm) faced at least three separate gunfights in their attempt to both 1) stay alive, and 2) keep Professor Artoor Vovelle alive. Also, a car chase in which Ennik -- who has no ranks in drive -- attempted to evade the nondescript blue vans that alternately tried to ram into us and shoot at us.

I will say this for the record: being injured sucks. Stupid -2 penalties...

[Georges the GM came prepared with a detailed satellite map.]
Julie: "Is this the map of the GREL Quarter?"
Georges the GM: "This is the map of your doom!"
Julie: "So, the GREL Quarter."
Georges the GM: "...Yes."

[Georges the GM foreshadowed the night's events in a blog post, though he left a few details ambiguous and up for interpretation.]
Brock: "Since our bodies weren't found, we win."

[We prepare to face our first firefight.]
Josh: "We're undergunned!"
Georges the GM: "Oh, boy, are you!"

[As Ennik, Lukas, and our prisoner Antonio approach the door of the abandoned restaurant where we've holed up, Antonio's head is expertly shot and explodes in a mass of brains and skull.]
Brock: "I want to be standing on his right, to minimize the chance of getting blood on my actual face."
Josh: "That's called metagaming."

[We retreat back into the restaurant. The kitchen only has a single door as a point of entry, but the main dining area -- where Lyta and Professor Artoor Vovelle are -- is surrounded by windows. We take stock of our position.]
Brock: "Haven't we gunned down a horde of bad guys in this exact situation?"
Julie: "I think we have."

[Lyta tries sneaking to a window to look out and is summarily shot in the shoulder.]
Lukas: "Did the situation just get worse?"
Ennik: "Gunshots that aren't us mean the situation just got worse."

[Todd climbs a roof to take out two of the snipers pinning us down. Sadly, he is quite wounded in the process, making the whole business of getting *off* the roof somewhat more difficult.]
Lukas: "All you have to do is jump off the roof and we'll catch you. And by 'us', I mean 'Ennik'."

[In escaping the restaurant, we are hit with a flash-bang grenade. While Lukas is able to keep his wits, Lyta and Todd can do nothing but blindly stumble for a while.]
Ariel: "I look for Vovelle."
Georges the GM: "You find a trash can."

[Lyta, still in a flash-banged haze, fumbles to where Ennik has pulled up a rescue car.]
Georges the GM: "Through the ringing, you're able to hear Ennik and turn right."
Ennik: "Your other right!"

[As we start to converge on the getaway car, a nondescript navy SUV pulls up and opens fire on us.]
Josh: "Things have gone from bad to really bad."

[We pile into the car to begin our getaway. Ennik is driving. Ennik has no ranks in drive.]
Georges the GM: "Roll your drive."
Josh: "Ha! Roll your drive, he says!"

[We are corralled by several SUVs and vans, who cut us off at every turn and force us to go further south.]
Julie: "Are they herding us into the heart of the GREL Quarter?"
Brock: "Looks like."
Lyta: "We're going the wrong way!"

[We do a hairpin turn and go back the way we came. We're still being followed.]
Brock: "Wait a sec. How do they know we're going this way?"
Georges the GM: "Ah-HA!"
Josh: "Look up. Look way up."

[Lukas is getting fed up with being undergunned.]
Lukas; "Take us to the militarized zone!"
Ennik: "Don't you mean the demilitarized zone?"
Lukas: "Take me to the place with the hovertanks!"

[After a lengthy chase scene that saw Josh spending lots of xp in drive, the inevitable happens.]
Josh: *botches his drive rolls as the bad guys ram into us*
Georges the GM: "Don't reroll that. There's nothing you can do at this point."

[With our getaway car being little more than a heap of smoking metal, we quickly decide on Plan B.]
Lukas: "When we kill them, we can drive away in their car."
Ennik: "Right there with you, man."

[We take stock of the situation.]
Josh: "The station wagon has seen better days."
Brock: "It saw better days before you stole it!"
Josh: "Like I said: better days. Like yesterday."

[Ennik spots an airborne drone that appears to be relaying our coordinates to the bad guys. Sadly, we are also now facing two more incoming enemy cars.]
Ennik: "Torgath, airborne target over there!"
Torgath: "Wheelborne target over here!"

[Emerging from the second incoming enemy car is our old acquaintance Ti Corovan.]
Brock: "We should attack him and take his car."

[Torgath is very wounded and taking lots of penalties on his rolls.]
Georges the GM: "Roll notice."
Ariel: *botches* "I notice an entirely new color coming out of my body."

[Ennik makes a deal with Ti that we'll take him into custody and allow Lukas to accompany Professor Vovelle home. An exchange of hostages, if you will. Lukas is not pleased with this plan.]
Ennik: "Do you have any better ideas?"
Lukas: "Yeah. Well, I don't have any better ideas, but..."

[As Lyta, Lukas, Torgath, and Professor Vovelle navigate the crowded alleyways of the favela, they come across a small courtyard. In it are three men with guns, looking conspicuous.]
Ennik: "Three probable goons. Are they your people?"
Ti: "Are they blending in?"
Ennik: "No."
Ti: "Then they're not my people."

[Remember the airborne drone? Ennik eventually spotted it and Torgath shot it down. Sadly, it seems to have belonged to Ti.]
Ti: "I wish we had eyes. It's a shame someone shot down our drone. And by 'someone', I mean our high-res camera..."

[Torgath tries to find a decent sniping position to take down the enemy bad guys.]
Georges the GM: "You've got a full-size rifle and you're wearing a business suit... in a favela."
Josh: "Hello, my name is Mr. Conspicuous."

[Torgath is not as stealthy as he might like.]
Ariel: "Someone shot my silencer!"
Brock and Josh, in perfect unison: "You shot your silencer!"
Arie: "Hey, I'm someone!"

[Torgath shoots one of the bad guys. Sadly, his gun is picked up by a GREL, who proceeds to indiscriminately open fire into the crowd of civilians.]
Josh: "Is it a Mordred?"
Georges the GM: "Yeah."
Josh: "Aim for the head."

[The fight continues.]
Georges the GM: "Another GREL goes berserk."
Brock: "This is confirming all of Lyta's deep-seated prejudices."

[We escape the courtyard fight, only to be ambushed by another "detail squad." Ennik is attacked from behind.]
Josh: "Can I roll tactics?"
Georges the GM: "You want tactics? Here's a free one. Call for help and run away!"

[Ennik is wounded. Josh momentarily forgets what game we're playing.]
Josh: "Cure light wounds! Cure light-- wait a sec!"

[Torgath is badly wounded. Perhaps sneaking up on the armed bad guys is a bad idea.]
Georges the GM: "You're as sneaky as possible, but you're making a sloshing sound as you're leaking blood."

And that's it for this week. In the end, we managed to escape the enemy goons -- at least for the moment -- and return Professor Artoor Vovelle to the waiting arms of SecBuro. Sadly, we've been forced to go even further into the GREL Quarter, where none of us want to be, particularly Lyta. Join us next time to see if everyone's favorite gymnast gets the entire party TPK'ed!

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