Monday, May 5, 2008


OK guys, the shipping on that lot will be 57.80US. Many of these books are available on the DP9 website, ranging at @ $10, so could someone do a line by line comparison and tell us what our break point deal/no deal point is?


Charlie Bottoms said...

Well, it seems to me that the key element of the auction is the Player's Handbook hardcovers, $40 on the website; so as long as it's under $80, all the other books are basically free, right? (is there a description somewhere of what books are included? it looks like there are two of them from the picture).

I can afford to put in $10-20; all I'd want would be a Player's Guide thing. Part of me doesn't want to, since I already had the old version (two copies of it, even!), but I guess if Kain wants us to follow procedures & shit, it sort of behooves me to get one.

Charlie Bottoms said...

Edit: Apparently there are three copies of the Hardcover (listed as "Into the Eye of the Storm"), but there's no mention of what edition they are (2nd or 3rd). 2nd edition are $17 on the website, so it's still a good deal, but the "all other books are basically free" point is closer to $50.

Is there any way of finding out what edition they are? Emailing the guy or whatever?

Charlie Bottoms said...

Edit #2 (last one, I swear!):
In the later pictures, the books are clearly 3rd edition, but there are only two of them. It's mysterious.

Josh, which HG do you prefer? 2nd or 3rd?

Heavy Josh said...

We play 2nd edition HG with a few things borrowed from the 3rd edition. The 3rd edition book is, from what I know, more of a sourcebook with some setting-specific rules for the game. This is because the 3rd edition required you to pick up the SilCORE Rulebook.

The 2nd edition book has less setting information, but complete rules for character generation and combat (which would reside in SilCORE for 3rd ed).

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