Monday, May 5, 2008


On top of the auction, it's also possible to get the books direct from DP9 (as I mentioned) at a pretty reasonable rate. I've emailed them about stopping in to pick some up, which is a go, so we should compile a list of what we want.

Personally, I do think we should all have a copy of the main book. For $18US, it's HC and a pretty reasonable investment. I know Georges already has his own copy, but I have historically always been in favour of players owning the basics.

I plan to get the Southern tech books and army lists (available under the HG Tactical section on the site) as well as the character guide, and maybe Life on Terra Nova.

That's probably going to be about $80.

RP Books

Tac Books


Heavy Josh said...

I think that the 2nd edition rulebook is good, but Life on Terranova is essential (and worthwhile too).

The Character Compendium is one of the largest holes in my collection, and I'm thinking of getting it anyways. The League Handbooks (all seven of them, plus Into the Badlands and The Paxton Gambit) are fantastic setting supplements, but are less vital. I've also got a copy of each.

The Technical Manual (2nd edition) is great, and has the vehicle construction system, which is of use. I do have a copy of the 1st edition HG Rulebook, which has the vehicle construction system in its entirety, as well as the 1st edition Technical Manual for purists. The 2nd ed. Tech manual is just as good as the 1st though.

The army lists ... well, I am not into the tactical game, though it'd be fun for a kick. The Southern Republic Army List is actually a comprehensive RPG book detailing the SR useful. I don't have it. There are Northern Guard and MILICIA guides that are more suited to tactical players, but have some good info if you're playing a military game.

If there are any questions, let me know.

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