Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kain: Equipment

As nominal master of the Caravan "Albatross", virtually all of the Gears and vehicles were at Kain's disposal.  Subsequent to his departure from active service with the Badlands Caravan Guild, Kain has had little access to its resources, but he retains override access codes to a variety of equipment.

In addition, Kain has built up a sizable personal armoury, taking care to glean the bodies of enemy fighters--one just never knows what might turn up.  He has cached weapons and supplies in a variety of locations throughout the Badlands, both in and outside of communities.  These can range from stashes of water, rations, and small arms to light vehicles and heavy weapons, and, it is estimated, a number of commando-equipped Heavy Gears.

Though he generally avoids "signature" weapons in an effort to be less conspicuous, Kain's extended period in the Badlands and the recent few cycles of independent action have led to a number of eccentricities.  While still with the caravan, Kain took to carrying a sawed-off shotgun in an oversized, cross-drawing holster, pistol style. One barrel is always loaded with shot, the other with a slug, offering tactical options. He appreciates the substantial intimidation value such a weapon offers, in addition to the tremendous close-range firepower.  Kain's weapon was originally a Socorro Homestead over-under, which he cut down himself and had Gade retool the fore- and rear-grips.

More recently, Kain discovered a specialist weapons company that had adapted the receiver mechanism from the Paxton R36 into a "pistol" sized frame.  The impressive range characteristics and tremendous killing potential made it an immediate favourite.  Though requiring a two handed stance to manage the recoil and maintain accuracy at range, the Raptor PR36 complements Kain quite nicely.  Though available with a larger magazine and in an assault configuration, Kain favours the stripped version with a 10 round mag for the (marginally) more discrete profile.

In a moment of technical obsession, Kain ordered a pistol featuring multiple barrels and receiver adapters enabling him to load it out as a 9mm, 11mm, or 13mm pistol. Thus far, he has only fired it on the range, never in combat.

In open combat, Kain has a preference for assault rifles, as the greater range and selective fire permit a variety of tactical approaches.  He will always, where possible, fit an under-barrel grenade launcher to further widen the variety of munitions he can being to bear.

Unknown even to his partners, Kain carries a small push-dagger type knife sheathed at the base of his neck. Made of composites and a legacy from his days in the Legion, the weapon is undetectable by virtually all scanning devices.


Heavy Josh said...

Sorry, Kain's got both eyes. No SHIELD helicarrier!

So close, and yet so far.

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