Friday, May 16, 2008

Gade Vonyran

Gade Vonyran

Name: Gade Vonyran, a.k.a. Vayn Dorange

Age: 35 cycles
Affiliations: Baja Regulators, Western Frontier Protectorate, Khayr Ad-Din Mechanics Guild
Current Status: Alive

Profile: Arriving in New Baha with the towns first view of the New Baha Gang, Gade quickly turned coat and fought along side the regulators with his almost skillfull display of luck and completely insane gear driving techniques.

Past: The only real information about Gade's past came up recently, as members of the WFP military police sprung up in search of him. Wanted for a fairly hefty list of war crimes including looting, slave driving, and desertion. although Gade claims to be responsible for their happening, he clearly states he's not guilty of them. The truth will be revealed as time continues.


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