Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Arrive in New Baja 21 Spring TN1918
First tours: meet the locals. meet the MILICIA garrison 22-27 Spring TN1918
Getting the Power Relay Station 1 online (meet Lloyd Dunn) 28 Spring
Trials and Tribulations: rovers in the city - 28-34 Spring TN1918
The reporter Elias Grayson visits Baja: 32-42 Spring TN1918
The Regulators established: 39 Spring TN1918
Attack on the Power Relay Station out on the Maglev 7 Summer TN1918
Preston Hill's speech 10 Summer TN1918
The construction crane is sabotaged 15 Summer TN1819
Kiera deValmont goes prospecting for a week 16 Summer TN1918
The Iron Renegades (meet Gade...) 23 Summer TN1918
Down into the Spaceport: 23-24 Summer TN1918
Kiera deValmont returns and is murdered 24 Summer TN1918
Lazarus Duq is caught and interrogated 24 Summer TN1918
Gone to Peace River - meet the Doctor, meet Prabal Nandy 24-29 Summer TN1918
Setting up the infrastructure for New Baja's development 29-35 Summer TN1918
Return to Baja, and then the nerve gas and the New Baja Gang's attack 37 Summer TN1918
Chase the New Baja gang to the Centco Mine facility, and then to Kolmar Station 37-39 Summer TN1918
Return to New Baja only to find that Dunn has signed off on sovereignty 41 Summer TN1918
Two seasons of eking out a living on the Marigold-New Baja-Peace River-Massada caravan route 1 Fall TN1918 - 1 Spring TN1919


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