Sunday, May 18, 2008

Four new Caravan crew members

Carmichael Trishaw

Age: 62 cycles
Affiliations: WFPA, Paxton Arms (formerly)
Current Status: Alive and ornery


This hard edged northerner has the discipline of a lifelong soldier, polished by education and experience. His main handicap isn't his double amputation but his poor luck with cards and love of the bottle. He takes all these in stride with a generally sour disposition. Iron willed and inventive, he is a workaholic with a late blooming idealism.

Carmichael Trishaw had both legs regrown in Peace River after being badly wounded in action in TN1915. He cannot walk without a cane, as the genetic regrowth process was not completely successful. As a native of Fort James in the WFP, he harbours some resentment towards Paxton Arms, who he feels did not devote the kinds of resources to him that they would have to a member of the Executive or Management caste of Peace River.

Natalia Meredine:

Age: 33 cycles
From: Khayr-ad Din
Current status: cunning as a fox with an advanced degree in cunning from Oxford who went on to work at the UN Center for Cunningness. Also, sexy.

A capable theif, commo specialist, electronics expert and all-round sneaky bitch, "Bratty Natty" is nobody's fool. So why the fling with Gade back in Khayr-ad Din? He made her feel secure. So clearly there's some mental retardation there too. But that was a long time ago anyways. The romance happened for a while, until they both parted ways. There's no bitterness or vindictiveness. No. None at all.

Anyways, she's currently got bright green hair, blue eyes and a penchant for bikini-tops and desert suit bottoms. Natalia is sophisticated when she wants to be, sneaky, graceful and downright evil to watch work. But she's also got a warm personality and she is never cruel or unkind. And she won't ever let Gade touch her. Yet. Maybe. If he's lucky. Yeah, the WFPA marshals are sounding good now.

Benjamin Cantor
Age: 40 cycles
Origins: From Newton, SR
Current Status: rather Marxist

A fiery charismatic radical with a wicked wit and sharp pen, Cantor is in Peace River where the action is (currently). He and Kain go way, way back to their college days. When Kain was in the Republican Youth Guard, Cantor was a leading student radical. Their debates and clashes were legendary - at least to the two of them. Cantor probably got more girls though.

Cantor is tall, handsome, with a full head of blond locks and fiery intense eyes. Never ostentatious, he is one part bohemian, one part revolutionary, and one part real person. He speaks with a perfectly cultivated mid-Badlands accent.

Ellen Cranby
Age: 30 cycles
Affiliations: The Cranby Homestead, Karak Wastes
Status: warm and gentle, but with a hard core of iron.

Ellen Cranby is the eldest daughter of Paul Cranby, the man who found Sam Tarmalin lying face down in his waterroot fields after Sam's encounter with the Old Woman of the Desert. Sam spent a full season resting and recuperating on the Cranby farm, helping out when he was strong enough. Ellen was primarily responsible for taking care of Sam and the two developed a strong relationship: "a weird-headed older brother and totally-cool-with-it friendly younger sister." It is possible to see a bit of pre-Old Woman Sam Tarmalin in Ellen Cranby.

Ellen is a formidable cook and an able hand around machines. She's also got plenty of experience with animals and can take care of herself in the desert. She's got brown hair, freckles and a sarcastic grin.


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