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Doctor T. M. Chambers

Full Name: Tomohiro Mifune Chambers
Age: 54 cycles
Former Affiliations: Southern College of Physicians; Captain, Honorably discharged from Legion Noir, 2nd Battalion. Former Board member of the B.D.C., Former President Badlands Caravan Guild, Former Chairman Guildebank, Co-Owner Mecha Casino in KAD, Former Chef of Staff to Chairman of NuCoal, Former Trustee of Lelland Endowment and Meridine Foundation.


QUOTES: "You know…you're clinically certifiable."

Born in Mekong city in 1881 of an upper class family, young Tom was sent ot the best prep schools, he rebelled by not pursuing the family businesses, devoting himself instead to science and medicine. After graduating 1910 he moved to Port Arthur for his residency where he studied under Professor Sun. Soon after taking his oath in 1914 he was drafted into service in the War of the Alliance as a field surgeon. Displaying courage under fire, he was promoted to captain and assigned to The Legion Noir 2nd Battalion where he served as a field surgeon at the Battle of Baja.

After being discharged he drifted in the Badlands. After some considerable winnings and even more prolific spending in Peace River, his reputation as a card shark and womanizer meant it was time for the handsome dilettante doctor to move on. In the summer of 1918 he met the marshals of Baja and was drawn into their encounter with S.R.I.D. agents. Having killed one of the agents he was soon committed to their circumstances and upon the opportunity he committed himself their cause, for a time.

New Baja:
By Autumn 1919, the Doctor had help found the Baja Development Corporation, by utilizing his southern business and academic connections to form an affiliation of capitalists, scientist, engineers and adventurers to ensure the development of the MacAllen Cave system. He was also one of the chief architects in the power-play that allowed New Baja to join the AST while retaining most of its independence. When Delacroix, Tarmalin and a number of Regulators left, the Doc stayed to help New Baja flourish. He became personally involved with Ms. Pojhola and prospered for a time. Unfortunately, he was not to have peace just yet. To safeguard his city’s long-term independence he felt the need to establish an intelligence network that could ensure a balance of power in the region. In the spring of 1919 he found Delacroix and company and proposed the venture of an intelligence agency for the Badlands. As always, he and Delacroix sometimes verged on killing each other but never failed to work flawlessly together when they shared a comon enemy. They roamed the Badland with Tarmalin, Delacroix and the rest of the caravan.

The Guild
While seeking to promote intereliance in the Badlands and establishing an informaiton Network he founded the
Badlands Caravan Guild (BDC) in theSummer of 1919. Later he formalized a partnership with Delacroix and his caravan. The BDC rose to prominence through word of mouth and its sponsorship of Dueldist at the first Kayr Ad-Din Gear Dueling competition (later the Circuit). The Guild has strong ties with both the Forzi and Granis Cartel that cooperate on security and intelligence respectively. Branch offices now exist in PR and KAD as well as afiliates in most small towns between.

Casino and Charities
Within a few cycles, his connection had lead to a formal alliance with criminal cartels in a Duelist Casino in KAD, he also launched a number of charirites with his growing profits, ostensibly to promote Badlands wellbeing but each served to advance his growing intelliegence network. Delacroix parted ways with Chambers, soon the original caravan crew dispersed, but Chambers' ambitions grew.

GuildeBank, NuCoal, the Nexus.
By 1930 the fiancial branch of the BCG had become a powerful entity unto itself and the Doctor's strategic aims were married to Royz Malkolm's political aspiration in NuCoal. The Doc brought his ressources together under the aegis of one body: The Nexus, run By Bill Pearce.

Lance Point and the Fall

With NuCoal and the Guildebank, the Doc was propelled to the highest strata of Badlands society; however in 1932 a report on the massacre in Lance Point needed to place blame on someone. Knowing he bore responsiblility, he withdrew from public view. Operations sized down, not having the financial resources he once did. The strain of his political career, then his downfall and finally the pressure on Julie by the ailing Casino strained their relationship to breaking point, but they are still intimate friends and the Doc still sees Lita as a daughter.


By 1935 the Doc is wandering, still very well to-do: he is still a major stockholder in Guildebank, now the NuCoal Bank, as well as the BCG, though his wealth is largely structured in holdings, regardless, he has little need of it. He wandered South with a relief mission of the Meredine Foundation to help the victims of the Basal Uprising and has joined Medecin Sans Politique. He has no aspirations, no ambitions. His days are spent in a bloody hell, trying to make sense of sacrifice and ethics. He is plagued with the same question that has followed him his entire life: What do you want?


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