Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gade: Vignettes

A thought of the past

CLANK! - "Shhhh! Geez Gade, you trying to get us caught!" Now navigating through the mess of tools Natalia Meridine realized she's have to teach the poor boy a few things about being stealthy.

"Well we wouldn't have to sneak if your damn stash wasn't so out of the way." Somehow Gade expected being found in an unauthorized zone would put a dampener on his 'laying low'. "Why the hell did you put everything under a scrap heap in the Salvages?"

"Hey, do you want the damned part or not?" She knew very well the comm system she found would be the icing on the cake. How no other scrapper found it sitting in the old Iguana she'll never know. "Now come on this ladder will bring us right up under it." Ahh ladders, any man's favorite part of following Natty anywhere. "Oh and don't get too distracted and fall off now" she says chuckling, now well up on her way.

Now a little frustrated, at least Gade knew whatever it was she found would be more then worth the trouble, one way or another. "Yeah yeah move that fat ass up already, I'd like to get some sleep tonight if possible."

"I doubt that'll happen."

Reaching the top Gade now saw what all the fuss was for: An all-recon Iguana, or at least it used to be. The pilot compartment was hollowed out and the engine was gone, but most importantly the head was still intact. "Now get in here I have something to show you" Natty said, climbing into whats left of the cockpit.

Upon following her in Gade saw his first of many surprises that night. He was more than pleased: at least one engine was already running.


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