Thursday, May 1, 2008

Terranovan Calendar and Time System

The Terranovan orbital year, called a cycle, is divided into 4 seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) of 42 days, resulting in a 168 day cycle.

The benchmark for Cycle 1 is the first arrival of explorers on Terranova, thus TN 1918 is 1918 cycles after colonization.

There is no meaningful lunar calendar; the planet's three moons, Faith, Hope, and Charity, have an insignificant tidal effect.

The Terranova rotates on its axis once every 36 hours, with TN hours being 62 minutes long, and minutes being sixty seconds long.

Because the TN day is longer than the Terran, in terms of real time, 1 TN cycle is the equivalent of 252 Terran days. 1 Cycle = 0.69 Year, 1.45 Cycle = 1 Year

The TN age of majority is between 23-26 cycles, depending on the nationality and culture of the place in question.


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