Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dream Pod 9 Shopping Trip

My List:

DP9-101HC Heavy Gear 2nd Ed Rulebook (HC) $17.45US
DP9-102 Life on Terra Nova 2nd Ed $11.95US
DP9-104 Technical Manual 2nd Ed $12.95US
DP9-031 Southern Republic Leaguebook $9.95US
DP9-026 Southern Vehicle Compendium One $13.45US
DP9-039 Southern Vehicle Compendium Two $8.95US
DP9-048 Southern MILICIA Army List $9.45US
DP9-024 Southern Republic Army List $12.45US

Also, I've got a line on these online:
DP9-008 Tactical Air Support
DP9-061 Equipment Catalog
DP9-018 Into the Badlands Sourcebook


Charlie Bottoms said...

2nd Rulebook HC for me please!

(thank you!)

Certain Betrayal said...

2nd ed hardcover rulebook DP9-101HC
Life on terra nova 2nd ed DP9-102
Mekong Dominion Leaguebook DP-036
Into the Badlands Sourcebook DP9-018

thanks, G
Can I give you a wad upfront?

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