Friday, May 16, 2008

Caravan Crew

On their departure from New Baja, Sam and Kain find they are not alone in recognizing the end of a certain way of life. Many of the surviving Regulators, discontent with New Baja's falling under the sway of the South, elect to join the former Marshals as caravaners.

Brom, Avatanya40/FBajaRegulatorHand to hand combat; leadership. Suicide driver.
Cantor, Benjamin40/MNewton, SRCivilianHippie revolutionary.
Cranby, Ellen30/FCranby HomesteadCivilianCook, Badlands life.
Dragushan, Josephina30/FBajaRegulatorGears; heavy weapons.
Hassan, Karin18/FBajaCivilianHospitality
Jolaine, Sandra??/FPistolera, harlot.
Knox, Thomas28/FPeace RiverRegulatorCombat medic.
Lebeaux, Kelly30/FWestphaliaRegulatorInfantry tactics, leadership.
Lelland, Father65/MSorrento
Mediator; sniper.
Lin, Tessa18/FBajaCivilian

Mendelbaum, Ari43/MSiwa OasisRegulatorAssault gear pilot
Meredine, Natalia33/FKhayr-ad DinCivilian?Acquisitions, electronics.
Nandy, Prabal43/MPeace RiverHimselfComputers, whining.
Pearce, William Barton25/MLance PointRegulatorHeavy weapons; information gathering.
Smit, Peter52/MInnsbruckRegulatorGear racing and hand to hand
Trishaw, Carmichael62/MFort James, WFPWFPA; Paxton ArmsEngineer, old soldier.

Avatanya Brom
Age: 40 cycles
Affiliations: from Baja
Status: Fully stocked on ornery. Also, running a tight ship.

Still the fearless, fly by the seat of your pants, cigar-chomping maniac, Avatanya's deathwish has subsided to the point where putting her in a gear is not an invitation for disaster. The protector of Tessa and Karin from Thomas, Ari, Peter and anyone else who would foolishly approach the two girls, Avatanya seems to be regaining her maternal instincts. She is not privy to why they left New Baja, but has her suspicions.
Currently, Avatanya is pulling double duty driving a Longrunner she has affectionately dubbed Bertha, as well as serving as one of the main trade negotiators at caravan stops - something she's surprisingly good at.


Benjamin Cantor
Age: 40 cycles
Origins: From Newton, SR
Current Status: rather Marxist and tired

A fiery charismatic radical with a wicked wit and sharp pen, Cantor is in Peace River where the action is (currently). He and Kain go way, way back to their college days. When Kain was in the Republican Youth Guard, Cantor was a leading student radical. Their debates and clashes were legendary - at least to the two of them. Cantor probably got more girls though.

Cantor is tall, handsome, with a full head of blond locks and fiery intense eyes. Never ostentatious, he is one part bohemian, one part revolutionary, and one part real person. He speaks with a perfectly cultivated mid-Badlands accent.


Ellen Cranby
Age: 30 cycles
Affiliations: The Cranby Homestead, Karak Wastes
Status: warm and gentle, but with a hard core of iron.

Ellen Cranby is the eldest daughter of Paul Cranby, the man who found Sam Tarmalin lying face down in his waterroot fields after Sam's encounter with the Old Woman of the Desert. Sam spent a full season resting and recuperating on the Cranby farm, helping out when he was strong enough. Ellen was primarily responsible for taking care of Sam and the two developed a strong relationship: "a weird-headed older brother and totally-cool-with-it friendly younger sister." It is possible to see a bit of pre-Old Woman Sam Tarmalin in Ellen Cranby.

Ellen is a formidable cook and an able hand around machines. She's also got plenty of experience with animals and can take care of herself in the desert. She's got brown hair, freckles and a sarcastic grin.


Josephina Dragushan
Age: 30 cycles
Affiliations: from Baja
Status: She dyed her hair blonde and has mastered the icy gaze of doom.

Cool, calm and collected, the Dragonlady had become a trusted member of Regulator tactical operations. She has garnered a reputation for reliability and is an exceptional heavy weapons gunner, especially with a rocket launcher. Josephina is also a competent gear pilot. Tall and dark-haired with a killer body, Josephina is constantly having to spurn the advances (most of them admittedly playful) of the majority of the male caravan crew. She does enjoy Kain's company, but keeps it professional.


Karin Hassan
Age: 18 cycles
Affiliations: from Baja
Status: more cheerful and bubbly than last season. When will it end?

Karin was always given a great deal of responsibility and now she is coming into her own on the caravan. She is pretty, capable and always eager to help around the caravan. She and her friend Tessa have been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise grim and tired group of individuals.


Sandra Jolaine
Status: Gun with boobs.

Sam's bedmate.


Thomas Knox
Age: 28 cycles
Affiliations: from Peace River
Status: Be quiet, the maestro's composing.

Knox is a quiet and reserved former combat medic who has aspirations to study music (composition) in the South. Right now though, he is happy to be traveling with the caravan and is somewhat relieved to have the Doc back - if only to allow him to focus on music and the driving of a Longrunner. Knox is short, skinny and a little emo-looking. Tessa Lin thinks he's cute and as such is constantly having to treat the teenager for all sorts of trivial scrapes and bruises.


Kelly Lebeaux
Age: 31 cycles
Affiliations: from Westphalia
Status: Stressed, but holding up alright. She could use a beer.

Kelly has become the unofficial infantry leader of the caravan. She organizes all the watches and vehicle duties. Once a disaffected deserter, her time in the New Baja Regulators has given her a sense of purpose and some dignity. She understands that she left the MILICIA because it is a disposable conscript army, and her pity for the common soldiers in it is only matched by her scorn of them and their officers. Tough and clever, Kelly has a serious demeanor and a rough and ready image she has borrowed from Avatanya. There's a rumour that she's got family in Westphalia though, and she has mentioned going to visit with the caravan in order to make a fortune at the Chemin de Fer tables.


Father Lelland
Age: 65 cycles
Affiliations: from Sorrento
Status: Quiet and smiling. Enjoying the satellite music feed

Everyone's talked to Father Lelland at least once since the caravan's first departure from New Baja two seasons ago. The affable sharpshooter has become a spiritual guide and comfort, and a paternal force for everyone. The priest is beginning to realize that he is rapidly becoming an old man, however. His black hair has too much silver in it, and his joints ache all the time. Still, he does enjoy the sightseeing and is a senior negotiator for the caravan.


Tessa Lin
Age: 18 cycles
Affiliations: from Baja
Status: Getting better as a mechanic

Tessa is Karin's best friend from home, and had been living with her grandparents in Baja tower. After relocating underground, her and Karin ended up joining the caravan the day it left, on Gade's recommendation. Tessa is a budding mechanic and techno-geek, but is otherwise a typical teenage girl.


Ari Mendelbaum
Age: 43 cycles
Affiliations: from Siwa Oasis
Status: Still single, but at least he's proved his worth again.

The tall, lanky red-headed gear pilot was considering going back South after New Baja disposed of his services, but Siwa Oasis is even worse than living underground. Ari has never felt healthier and has been happy gaining a name for himself as a pilot, daredevil and roamer. Too bad he's too dorky looking to garner any mystique. Still, behind the controls of the Spitting Cobra, he's terrifying.


Natalia Meredine

Age: 33 cycles
From: Khayr-ad Din
Current status: cunning as a fox with an advanced degree in cunning from Oxford who went on to work at the UN Center for Cunningness. Also, sexy.

A capable theif, commo specialist, electronics expert and all-round sneaky bitch, "Bratty Natty" is nobody's fool. So why the fling with Gade back in Khayr-ad Din? He made her feel secure. So clearly there's some mental retardation there too. But that was a long time ago anyways. The romance happened for a while, until they both parted ways. There's no bitterness or vindictiveness. No. None at all.

Anyways, she's currently got bright green hair, blue eyes and a penchant for bikini-tops and desert suit bottoms. Natalia is sophisticated when she wants to be, sneaky, graceful and downright evil to watch work. But she's also got a warm personality and she is never cruel or unkind. And she won't ever let Gade touch her. Yet. Maybe. If he's lucky. Yeah, the WFPA marshals are sounding good now.


Prabal Nandy
Age: 43 cycles
Affiliations: Himself, mostly.
Status: Trying to fit in with a really rough crowd and failing. Also whiny.

Prabal decided that it was time to pick up and see the world with Delacroix and the rest of the Baja refugees-turned-caravaners. The SRID found him and roughed him up in Peace River, and the top notch hacker knew that it would only be a matter of time before word got out that he was reachable.

So far he's been helpful by optimizing the Longrunners' and Behemoth's internal computer systems. With the group's arrival in Timmins, he's also managed to busy himself setting up the online infrastructure for the Caravan Guild database. Nothing's been put online yet, but it looks good.


William B. Pearce
Age: 35 cycles
Affiliations: from Lance Point
Status: ahead of the game

Quite and bemused all the time, Bill Pearce is along for the ride. His contacts in Peace River and around the Westridge Range region will probably prove useful. , and in the meantime Bill is happy to contribute to the Doctor's plan, the caravan, and the cause of Badlands autonomy.


Peter Smit
Age: 52 cycles
Affiliations: from Innsbruck
Status: Enjoying the open road.

Genial and quiet, Peter's happy to race over the open country of the Badlands, either driving a Longrunner or a Warrior III. He's great to have along as muscle in a hostile homestead county watering hole or any rough and tumble oasis tower and he's happy to help out. He's still drifting and haunted by his wartime experiences.


Carmichael Trishaw

Age: 62 cycles
Affiliations: WFPA, Paxton Arms (formerly)
Current Status: Alive and ornery

This hard edged northerner has the discipline of a lifelong soldier, polished by education and experience. His main handicap isn't his double amputation but his poor luck with cards and love of the bottle. He takes all these in stride with a generally sour disposition. Iron willed and inventive, he is a workaholic with a late blooming idealism.

Carmichael Trishaw had both legs regrown in Peace River after being badly wounded in action in TN1915. He cannot walk without a cane, as the genetic regrowth process was not completely successful. As a native of Fort James in the WFP, he harbours some resentment towards Paxton Arms, who he feels did not devote the kinds of resources to him that they would have to a member of the Executive or Management caste of Peace River.



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