Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Baja Gang


Preston Hill; Jacques Menard; Andrei Perl
Strength: Demi-Company
Affiliations: Independent; SRID (covert)


Ostensibly campaigning to secure the independence of New Baja from outside intervention, the New Baja Gang was a somewhat ramshackle group of Badlanders with light equipment and a few gears before coming to the attention of the SRID. As part of a Southern initiative to make New Baja a protectorate, the SRID blackmailed the leader of the gang, Preston Hill, and reinforced the gang's military assets quite significantly.

Future Marshals Sam Tarmalin(sp?) and Kain Delacroix encountered the New Baja Gang for the first time while on the train from Peace River to New Baja in search of work and adventure. In order to secure vital medical supplies, the two made a series of guerilla strikes against the stick-up men involving a variety of unorthodox tactics, including the now famous Grenade Trick.

The NBG employed a pair of field mortars mounted on trucks to great effect as terror weapons on a number of occasions, harassing outlying locations as well as the town proper.

With their attack on the newly restored power line, the NBG transformed from a nuisance to a primary threat. A comprehensive strategy to defend the power line and track the gang was formulated, but they continued to evade the New Baja authorities.

The sabotaging of a Southern heavy crane, and collateral damage resulting in the loss of the town's water source, proved vital in later moves to bring the NBG to heel. Miss Julie, a prominent local independent business woman, had been informing the NBG about activities within New Baja. However, she split with the Gang over this act of terrorism and cooperated with the Marshals when confronted. She was not, however, able to identify their base of operations.

This attack by the NBG had the unintended consequnce of forcing New Baja officials to source a new water supply, resulting in the survey which revealed the presence of a significant cavern system under the city environs and large enough to house a new settlement. This was the duture of New Baja.

The climactic murder of Mayor Xiao and the resulting battle in the northern districts of Baja over the night of 37-38 Summer, TN1918 were the two components of an SRID directed strike by the NBG. Significant casualties were inflicted on the Gang, and an immediate couter-attack was mounted. The disused Centco mine to the northwest was discovered to be a NBG supply base, and it was discovered that the NBG had been able to evade detection through their disguise as a caravan.

Their route identified, an avenging force from New Baja sought out the gang and prepared to deliver a punishing deathblow.


Longrunner Trucks x 8
Behomoth Gear Transports x 2
Trucks w/ Heavy Field Mortars x 2
Various Jeeps etc

Numerous Gears, including
Spitting Cobra x 2
Sidewinder x 2
Iguana x1
Basilisk x 1



Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.