Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Full Name: Claude Marlenoix
Age: Unknown, but roughly 45-55 cycles
Affiliations: SRID (covert), independent businessman in Peace River
CURRENT STATUS: Alive and bemused.

Quotes: "At least there's always the restaurant."

The apparent station head of Southern intelligence activities in Peace River, "Bill" has a cool demeanour and reacts well to unexpected events. He is perceptive, capable, and determined. "Bill" has also demonstrated great flexibility when confronted with alternative methods of conflict resolution.

The Peace River cell of the SRID attempted to apprehend the Regulator team sent to Peace River to decrypt the diskette containing the survey information regarding the cavern system attached to the McAllan network near Baja. After disposing of a significant number of SRID disposable assets, and facing stiffer opposition in the form of an actual SRID operative team, a ceasefire was negotiated. As a result, the Peace River cell of the SRID was made aware of the contents of the diskette; this news was not transmitted to other SRID operatives, including Leah Dorchuk, resulting in the murder of Mayor Xiao, most of the New Baja city hall office staff and the protracted battle in the northern districts of Baja over the night of 30-31 Summer, TN1918. The events in Peace River also lead to the reluctant, if not entirely unwilling, addition of Dr. Thomas Chambers to the company of the New Baja marshals.


After viewing the contents of the diskette, "Bill" calmly told the marshals that he would no longer interfere in their mission and destroyed his copy of the diskette. The marshals left Peace River for Baja with no further incident on the 28th Summer, TN1918.

In early Spring TN1919, Gade, Kain, Sam and Tom met again with "Bill," who revealed to them his name (Claude) and that he was a restauranteur in Peace River. His place, "Chez Claude" is one of the more upscale eateries in the 3rd Terrace Badlands Quarter, being Zagat rated and having a rather distinguished group of clientele. Kain acknowledged their debt to Claude due to the latter's actions in the incident with Prabal Nandy and the diskette.


Game Thug said...

Hey Josh,

Didn't the battle happen AFTER we left Peace River?

Heavy Josh said...

Oh right...sigh...that's right. Ok, I'll change it.

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