Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dorchuk, Leah

Full Name: Leah Dorchuk
Age: 36 cycles
Affiliations: MILICIA (discharged), Baja Regulators, SRID (covert)

This attractive young lady from Baja joined the Regulators at their founding. Her military experience with the MILICIA was welcome, and her participation in the liberation of Baja indicated sympathies for the local citizenry.

However, this was all a cover. Dorchuk was in fact an undercover agent of the SRID.

Aside from regular operations with the New Baja Regulators, Dorchuk is presumed to have fed information back to the SRID. Her most notorious actions were the assassination of Mayor Xiao and the release of three bounding nerve-gas canisters within the city environs. This resulted in the death of over forty civilians and over one hundred major injuries.


Sam shot her. Except not in the face.

In fact, he was only indirectly responsible for her death; she succumbed to injuries caused by a car crash.


Charlie Bottoms said...

Umm... I shot her? Except not in the face.

Heavy Josh said...

Dude, Sam crucified her with bullets in one of the most satisfying and hard-hitting scenes ever. She was a crying little baby and you shouldn't be so modest.

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