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Southern Republic Intelligence Directorate



Notable Personalities: see below
Affiliations: Southern Republic



These are some bad, bad, bad dudes. The Southern Republic Intelligence Directorate (SRID) is the most feared intelligence service on the planet. Others might be more efficient (HIRA), effective (WIA), or specialized (Mekong Ghost Squads), but the SRID has garnered a reputation for ruthless and effective action that has been felt across the planet.


The SRID's most famous operation was the successful theft of a Hunter Gear prototype from the WFPA Fort Henry Testing Grounds, after the WFPA had managed to steal the vehicle from the UMF. The SRID is thus directly responsible for the Southern Republic's subsequent military dominance of the rest of the southern hemisphere.

In the post-War of the Alliance political detent between North and South, the SRID is forced to play a delicate balancing act between furthering the interests of the Southern Republic, while at the same time maintaining the very hard-won good will between the North and South. That is to say, the SRID continues its operations as normal, but is now much more discrete and indirect regarding their northern friends. The SRID is currently embroiled in a complex operation designed to force the independent Badlands city-state of (New) Baja to submit to the AST and become a Badlands Protectorate.

As of the middle of Summer, TN1918, the SRID's sponsorship and continued support of the New Baja Gang's activities have become known to the New Baja Constabulatory's leadership. The New Baja Gang has, however, finally been defeated after a protracted counter-insurgency. The SRID still has not located the entrance or the precise location of the DeValmont chambers of the MacAllen Cave network. This means that the citizens of New Baja are settling underground with very little effort.

Notable Personalities:

NameArea of OperationsStatus
Dorchuk, Leah (xrf New Baja Gang)Baja/New BajaTerminated prejudicially
Ishfahan, Benny "Simba"Peace RiverTerminated
Manesco, Laurene
(aka Yolanda Ormond; xrf BRF)
Peace RiverDisplaced from Peace River AOO
Marlenoix, Claude (aka Bill)Peace RiverMissing, presumed killed
Perl, Andrei (aka Andy Pearl)BadlandsActive; location unknown


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