Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kain Delacroix

Full Name: Kain Delacroix
Age:55 cycles
Legion Noire (honourable discharge; later revised to dishonourable); New Baja Regulators (disbanded); Caravan "Albatross" (disbanded); Badlands Caravan Guild (on leave of absence); Lucky Shot Casino (silent partner)

Alive.  Warrants for Arrest:  Southern Republic (Treason); New Baja (Assault; Illegal Imprisonment; Attempted Murder; Reckless Endangerment; Disturbing the Peace);


"What did I do during the war? Oh, I was a clerk."

"You've read my service dossier?  Then you know how this interrogation is going to go.  Why don't you save me the time and effort and yourself the considerable measure of pain (and unpleasant scars) and just tell me what I want to know?"



Delacroix's stance and alert demeanor identify him as a capable combatant, and he displays a knack for tactics, orthodox and otherwise, that set him apart from the average mercenary.  When encountering new groups, he often prefers to take a low-profile role, often positioning Sam Tarmalin as the "boss".  He will quickly step to the fore if necessary to lead and direct.

Delacroix is a proven and ruthless killer of men; attempts to detain or dispose of him have generally been disastrous, owing both to his individual capacity and the talents of his immediate group of associates.  His ability to inspire loyalty and act as a force multiplier on any group he joins has frequently been underestimated, most notably by the SRID in the infamous Peace River debacle.

In the absence of a proper psychological work-up, it would be safe to say that Delacroix has paranoid tendencies; however, in the course of his activities, this is probably an advantage, rather than a liability.  He has demonstrated a conflicting tendency of becoming connected to various groups (New Baja, the Caravan) and pulling away from them.

Though capable of brutality in combat and towards his enemies, Kain has exhibited a sophisticated sense of humour, the capacity to form long-term, meaningful relationships, and a surprising sensitivity to and compassion for children, particularly the orphans of Baja.


War of the Alliance

Though he rarely discusses his military service in a reliable manner, Delecroix is known to have served with the INSERT DETAILS of the Legion Noire, ending his career as an officer. It is not widely known what he did before the war, though his accent and occasional offhand references indicate that he is from Newton.

Avatanya Brom believes that he was some sort of university teacher; Ben Kantor almost certainly knows the most about Kain's past, but he isn't sharing.

New Baja

Following his demobilization, Delacroix drifted to the Badlands, prompted by a communication from an old comrade thought to have been KIA. Before he could hear the details of Andrei Pearl's proposition, Kain fell into the role of Marshall of New Baja, an office he shared with Sam Tarmalin. Approaching the role from a military, rather than policing angle, the new Marshals brutally eliminated threats to New Bajas domestic security and established a standing military force that soon was able to repulse significant hostile incursions, including the marauding Iron Renegades and the SRID sponsored New Baja Gang.

The Caravan

An ideological split between the Marshals and the New Baja civil authorities propelled Kain and Sam back into the Badlands, where they tried their hand as caravaners.


Since leaving the caravan, Delacroix has spent the intervening fifteen cycles engaged in search and destroy operations targeting remaining collaborators and deep-cover CEF agents remaining after the War of the Alliance.  He has demonstrated an uncanny knack for identifying and eliminating these targets, suggesting that he has access to high-level intelligence and a sophisticated network.

With rare exceptions, these assassinations have been solo projects and the Kain Delacroix of 1935 is a leaner, harder man than his companions remember, prone to long silences and uncomfortable around people.  Though he was hardly a social butterfly when with the caravan, the ghosts of Kain's past have been his sole company for the past 15 cycle and the long-term consequences have yet to be fully realized. 




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