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Koreshi Chronicles: Titan's Tale - TN 1913, Summer 38

The lake was a darker blue than the sky. Puffy white clouds hung lazily in the sky. A few seagulls squawked. The distant shore contrasted with rich forest green trees. The image was idyllic.

“Hey, Lyta, why are you crying?” Ti asked. She was seated in the bleachers. She often watched the older kids practise in the gymnasium. Ti thought she probably came to see him. But this time she looked upset, so he decided to check in on her. He thought Lukas would give him hell if he didn’t.

“I hate my brother,” she said between quick and laboured breaths.

“No, you don’t. He’s just an idiot and it makes you mad that he doesn’t treat you with the respect he should.” Ti said as he sat next to her. She looked up at him, her small figure in her athletic clothing, ready to hit the mats and practise her gymnastics.

“He says I’m too young.” She said, her eyes red and cloudy with fresh tears.

“To play with him. Who cares what he and Todd are doing anyway?” Ti said but didn’t mean it.

“You do. You want to hang out with them, but he isn’t nice to you either. He’s mean. And stupid.” Lyta managed as she caught her breath and settled down. “Anyway, I don’t want to play with them. He said I’m too young to compete in the Terra Novan Olympics.” Here she held up a data pad she had been cradling.

On it, Ti could see the image of a pristine northern lake, a body of water surrounded by trees. The image was a live feed from the site of the next games. Ti knew because he had hoped to qualify, but even if he did, he knew his mother couldn’t afford to send him. He watched the tranquil image with regret.

“Well, Lyta, you’re right. Todd and Lukas are stupid and you have better things to do than hang out with them. You and I have to train to go to the Olympics. So come on, look long and hard at this picture. You and I will go to that lake and we’ll take the golds, but only if we train hard.”

She perked up immediately. Ti had two younger cousins and four older ones but no siblings. He figured he could be like a big brother to Lyta, which would kind of make him like a brother to Lukas, kind of. She put down the data pad and bounded down the bleachers, only her red cheeks betrayed that a moment before she had been the saddest girl in the Badlands.

Ti watched the lake a moment and dreamt of other possibilities, of opportunities, of respect and friends. Lyta called out to him and he put the image in his mind, so he could come back to it later.

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