Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles: Titan's Tale - TN 1916, 38 Summer

Helios' radiance was sprinkled across the body of water in a thousand thousand puddles of explosive light, each one a bright microcosm that sparkled and danced. Even as the warmth of the afternoon hit its peak, he knew that soon the sun would dip behind the hills, casting shadows and plunging the waters into darkness so complete it would swallow the world.

Ti was awaiting the darkness when the concussive force of the blast knocked him out of his cot. He was stumbling for the cell door, coughing through the dust and smoke as his ears struggled to translate the dull sound of gunfire. He didn't remember anything after that, only the darkness and the setting sun.

He awoke two days later in a field hospital, the camp was nearly deafening with the sound of gears and jeeps as well as APCs and hopper flying about. He recognised the insignia of the Legion Noire. Sometime later, apparently after he had slept some more, he awoke to find a familiar face. His unit lieutenant was by his side. She was a little worse for wear after two seasons, but he was glad to see her, though not as glad as she was to see him.

He and fifty other prisoners had been freed two days before when a WFP special operations team working with Resistance forces had breached the bunker he was being held in. She explained that the C.E.F. was done for; the WFP and Southern troops had breached the defenses of the Space Port and Col Agrippa was dead. Finally, she wished him a speedy recovery and left him alone.

Some weeks later he would learn, just before release from hospital, that in the final days of the Battle of Baja, a significant parakommando force was lost when it entered a Resistance trap. As a result of that debacle, Col. Agrippa had ordered her chief interrogator and intelligence officer, Major Trebinski, executed. Whether or not the loss of that officer lead to a significant tactical shortfall that heralded the final 72 hours of the Battle of Baja didn't concern Ti Corovan.

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