Friday, January 6, 2012


Though things looked grim at the beginning of last night's session, by the end of it all Our Heroes (tm) were in stable condition, and not only had we managed to reacquire our lead on Harry Bonds, but we'd managed to kidnap Bonds himself and drive him off to a secluded location for interrogation. Now, if only we could find the kidnapped Professor Vovelle, we'd be set.

[Summing up the situation where we left off last game.]
Julie: "When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were in a car."
Brock: (glaring) "Some of us were in a car. Some of us were trapped on a roof."

[As we take stock of our situation, with all the PCs wounded and having lost both Bonds and any leads on Vovelle, Lukas demonstrates his mastery of the understatement.]
Lukas: "That could have gone better."

[Lyta and Todd meet up with Ti Corovan at one of their safehouses.]
Ti Corovan: (to Lyta) "I trust you."
Brock: "Because he wants to do you."
Julie: "Shut up, you're not there."

[Despite being seriously injured, we're still running on all cylinders in our investigation.]
Georges the GM: "It's all about what Lukas wants."
Brock: "I am not the one who kidnapped Vovelle. I am not the one whose schedule we're keeping here."

[Lyta and Ti meet up with Lukas at Minnie's bar.]
Ti Corovan: "Have you had breakfast yet?
Lyta: "Do they sell breakfast here?"
Ti Corovan: "They have a better way of getting your mineral intake than lead bullets."
Lyta: "I think just about any way is a better way than that."
Ti Corovan: "...I'll grant you that."

[Lukas, Lyta, and Ti are taken to a private meeting with Minnie.]
Minnie: "Presumably your sister knows what's going on."
Lukas: "Not so much, but it's okay."

[As we're leaving Minnie's bar, we discover six mooks following us. We get into a small gunfight as we're running away, which draws out some of the GRELs from the surrounding buildings.]
Lukas: "Don't make eye contact with the GRELs and hopefully they'll attack the people shooting at us and not us."

[Safely away from Minnie's and the people chasing us, Ti and Lukas try once again to come to some sort of business arrangement. Torgath suggests just agreeing to make arrangements after everything is over and we know what, precisely, we're negotiating for. Ti is skeptical of this plan.]
Ariel: "Are you saying he's doubting we'll be able to come to an agreement at all?"
Brock: "We can't even come to an agreement to come to an agreement."

[In the end, we agree to split the proceeds with Ti half-half, instead of Lukas' original proposal for the PCs to get 75% and Ti to get 25%.]
Torgath: "We were arguing over only a quarter? That's it?"
Ti Corovan: "It's a matter of principle."

[Sometimes, there are priorities in life.]
Lukas: "We have sleeping we can be doing."

[Later that evening, we send Ti in to reconnoiter a club where we know Bonds does business, while the PCs take surveillance positions and listen in on his open mic. Things go smoothly for a while, but you know that can't last.]
Georges the GM: "He sums up the situation as, 'Oh, no.'"

[It turns out that while Ti is being surrounded inside the club, Bonds is emerging through a rear entrance to drive off in a waiting limousine.]
Brock: "If we could kidnap him in his own car, that would be optimal."

[We do, in fact, manage to grab Bonds, stuff him into his own car, and drive off.]
Lukas: "Well, since this turned from reconnaissance to kidnapping..."
Ti Corovan: "Yeah, that was unexpected."

And that's it for this week! Next week, will Harry Bonds give us the information we need? Will we find Professor Vovelle before it's too late? Will we encounter that magical creature known as 'downtime'? Stay tuned to find out!

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