Friday, January 20, 2012


What's that distant creature on the horizon? Quietly, now, so you don't startle it. Could it be...? Yes! Downtime! Vovelle is rescued, the NGIS agents Summers and Kohl are dead, and Our Heroes (tm) are in desperate need of some healing. Time to spend some xp!

[Georges the GM notices a small flaw in his logistical planning.]
Georges the GM: "Wow, Corel is quite a bit further than I thought."
Ariel: "We drive through a wormhole and we're there fifteen minutes later."

[Reaching the homestead where we suspect Vovelle is being kept, we arrange a coordinated assault on the four guards around the perimeter. Lyta deals with hers efficiently and quickly, i.e. I rolled an eight on my sneak attack to slit his throat against his botch.]
Georges the GM: "If anyone was watching, they'd be impressed and horrified at the same time."
Julie: "This is usually Torgath's job."

[Torgath has been captured by the local NGIS head, Gavin Summers.]
Gavin Summers: "I will begin the interrogation now."
Brock: (to Ariel) "It's good you have a rich fantasy life to draw on."

[Torgath tries to disrupt Summers' interrogation of Artoor Vovelle by tossing out anecdotes from his books.]
Gavin Summers: (to Torgath) "You are either extremely intelligent or incredibly annoying."

[Meanwhile, upstairs, after a drawn-out firefight, Lyta is shot unconscious by an NGIS agent named Kohl. Lukas agrees to take her place as a hostage.]
Kohl: "Now we're all going to go downstairs to the basement."
Lukas: "What do you think about that, Ti?"
Ti Corovan: "He'll have to shoot you first. Over your dead body, so to speak."

[We know that Kohl's boss, Gavin Summers, has Torgath.]
Kohl: (over the comm) "You hear that, boss? They're not coming down to the basement. I guess there's no reason to keep their compatriot."
Lukas: "I changed my mind."

[We kill Kohl. Lukas plans to cut off his head to bring back to Minnie as proof that he fulfilled his contract. The rest of the table lapses into horrified shock.]
Brock: "Fine! I default to the camera-phone. It's not as dramatic."
Georges the GM: "It's not as psychotic, either!"

[To rescue Torgath and Artoor Vovelle, the rest of the PCs throw a flash-bang grenade into the room where they're being interrogated.]
Julie: "Did Ti roll well?"
Georges the GM: "He rolled a six."
Brock: "Torgath, you may be unconscious again!"

[Leading Gavin Summers upstairs, Lukas pretends that Summers is resisting, snaps his neck, throws him down the stairs, and flings himself down afterwards. Ti Corovan sees through this less-than-elaborate ruse.]
Ti Corovan: "I wish you hadn't done that."
Lukas: "Me too. It hurts."

[We reflect on what we'll do with Summers' and Kohl's bodies.]
Lukas: "We'll have to bury them somewhere in the desert. We have a hopper. It's a big desert."

[We make our way back to Port Arthur. Torgath is wounded and drugged.]
Torgath: "Lyta's not the boss of me!"
Lukas: "Maybe she should be. You might be wounded less."

Lukas goes to Minnie's bar to report the successful conclusion of his job -- discover Kohl's location -- and get paid.]
Lukas: "You want to know where the NGIS guy is."
Minnie: "Yes."
Lukas: "Would you settle for 'was'?"

[Note that Lukas took the picture of Kohl after we killed him.]
Minnie: "Did you find him that way?"
Lukas: "That's how he was when I took the picture."

[I wonder whether this is Brock being optimistic or sarcastic.]
Julie: "Do we want to talk to Ti now?"
Brock: "Yeah. I'm sure we can handle this in five minutes."

And that's it for this week. Next week, we're going on a "field trip." Believe me, I'm just as worried about this as you are.

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