Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles: Titan's Tale - TN 1925, 02 Spring

He could clearly make out the white tail of the bird as it took flight. In its beak he pictured the outline of the futile struggles of a tail struggling -- the prey was sure to die, even if it escaped -- and the sound of the wind echoed in his ear as it gave the bird lift.

The waves lapped rhythmically onto shore, driven by that same wind. Small white curls of surf gave relief to the expanse of water which had a grey-green colour. This was the image of a world at peace, the shores of tranquility a perfect moment.

Ti's daydreaming was broken by the approach of one of his protégés. Nadya was wearing a tan jumpsuit over a light green top. She had a somber multicoloured scarf around her neck which served to protect her from the sands of the Badlands while doubling as a fashion accessory in the more urban milieu of Port Arthur. Her face was very pretty but unfettered by makeup and she wore no jewelry. Her jumpsuit hid the contours of a stunning figure. She was quite beautiful but did nothing to show it. "I'm sorry, Ti, did I disturb you?" She asked as he rose from his cross-legged position in the middle of the hotel room. He shook his head and took a deep breath in, bringing his senses back to the present. Nadya had been operating with Ti long enough to know she had, but that where the mission was concerned, his personal comfort was always secondary, so she proceeded to share with him the information she had collected without further delay.

When she was done, Ti grinned. "Good job, let's go tell the others what you've dug up." Wasting no time, they sought the three other members of their team in an adjoining suite.

"Looks as though the Forzi are going to war over this. Nadya was able to intercept some chatter and we now know that the local boss, a target named Kachelli, is putting together as many hired thugs as she can." Ti explained to the others, making sure to mention it was Nadya that had found it. 'Give credit where credit is due,' he always said, except, she reminded herself, he failed to mention that he had told her where to look. That was Ti, though, virtuous to a fault.

"But if the Forzi are after Vovelle in order to advance the Tantalus project, what good is a small army? That will only call attention to themselves, making it harder for them to abduct her." Nadya pointed out.

"I agree, which means the Forzi must have another objective." O’Kang suggested.

“Maybe,” Ti started, “but I think they’re just being played. Someone else is behind this and using the Forzi as a distraction. So that’s where we’re going to focus our attention.”

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