Friday, December 16, 2011


The bad news is that we lost track of Harry Bonds. The other bad news is that our scouting out of his warehouse proved inconclusive. The really bad news is that, in attempting to determine who Bonds had captured and possibly killed in the warehouse, we came to the attention of a SecBuro squad that was in the area and Lyta got shot. Again. This is really getting tiring, you know.

[Leaving the meeting with arms dealer Harry Bonds, Lukas and Nadya find that they are being followed.]
Lukas / Brock: "Let's see how intent they are on following us. I put my seatbelt on."

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Torgath investigate Bonds' warehouse. There's a single security guard patrolling, whom Our Heroes avoid. Torgath immediately plans to kill the guard, which I suspect is more from out-of-game motivations.]
Ariel: "I want to roll dice!"
Brock: "You've been rolling dice. Stealth dice."
Ariel: "It's not the same."
Julie: "Clearly, I should have done this alone."

[Nadya and Lukas debrief Ti on the results of the meeting.]
Lukas: "It had its ups and downs."
Nadya: "Bonds had us followed."
Ti: "That was one of those downs you mentioned?"
Lukas: "No, that was an up."

[Ti and Lukas discuss the fact that Bonds intimated he had a large amount of heavy weapons in the warehouse, far more than we'd anticipated.]
Lukas: "He's either a big deal, or a medium deal pretending to be a big deal, but he's certainly not the small deal we expected."

[Ti and Lukas still haven't told each other who they respectively work for. Ti fishes a bit for information.]
Ti: "And your employer was..."
Lukas: "Unstated. Mysterious. Unknown even to us. But they do pay."

[Ti proposes that Lukas and the team come work for him instead of our current employer.]
Lukas: "What are you offering?"
Ti: "Well, usually I would have some sort of sentimental speech, but I know here that would be pointless."

[More of the same.]
Ti: "I'm offering 75,000 a year, plus perks."
Lukas: "Would these perks involve several million in kickbacks?"

[Minnie is Lukas' nominal employer in finding out the identity of the NGIS agent Harry Bonds will be meeting. He returns to her bar, using his assumed name Quinn.]
Minnie: "What was your brother's name again?"
Lukas: "Todd."
Julie: "Oh, sure. You get to use a code name..."

[Lukas is annoyed that Minnie did not inform him that Bonds was a big-time arms dealer.]
Minnie: "I didn't say he was only a cab driver."

[Lukas decides to turn the tables on Minnie, just to be difficult.]
Lukas: "The agent is in Port Arthur. Information delivered."
Minnie: "I believe I gave you that information."
Lukas: "I recall you said you didn't care where I got my information from."

[Lukas knows that Bonds is a big-time arms dealer, but isn't quite sure if Minnie knows. He suspects she does, but he doesn't want to tip his hand. Which naturally puts him in a bit of a predicament.]
Lukas: "I can't rightfully complain without telling you what I'm complaining about, but what I'm complaining about may be of value to you, so I'm hesitant to tell you."

[Reflecting on the situation with Minnie.]
Ariel: "She's even less useful than Ti."

[Due to a bug left outside a padlocked door in the warehouse, we discover that Bonds has kidnapped someone.]
Lukas: "Could be anyone, but the realm of 'anyones' that could be in there is limited."

[It turns out that the man Bonds has kidnapped is our hired goon, Perry. Ti worries that Perry will talk and compromise us, even though we really haven't told Perry anything.]
Lukas: "He's a criminal working for slightly bigger criminals: us."

And that's where we end it for now. Wordslingin' will return in 2012 when we see if Our Heroes (tm) manage to get through the rest of the day without getting shot again. I admit I find the possibility unlikely.

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