Thursday, December 1, 2011


Our Heroes (tm) have finally escaped the tower of doom known as the Hermes Corporation Building, somewhat the worse for wear, but having killed a great many of the bad guys in the process. And now, with barely a further pause to recuperate, we're on to our next thrilling adventure: find of the identity of the NGIS agent and rescue Artoor Vovelle! Yay!

[Torgath gets badly wounded in a firefight.]
Julie (to Ariel): "You're gonna be in the hospital again and we didn't pay your bill from last time."

[Lukas is also wounded.]
Lyta: "I'm not leaving you!"
Lukas: "That's what I like to hear."
Georges the GM: "Me, too."

[As we're leaving with some of Ti's people, we blow up Mrs. Kachelli's hopper, leaving her no means of escape short of fighting through the swarms of SecBuro.]
Lukas (on radio): "Kachelli, how's things looking down there?"
Kachelli: "I will see you dead before my eyes."

[Torgath is badly wounded and heavily sedated.]
Torgath: "Can we go to the place where the ambulances are?"
Nadia, Ti's second-in-command: "Haven't we done this before?"

[Ti admits that it was probably his fault we all got wounded, given that he's the one who asked us to go in.]
Lukas: "You can buy our forgiveness later."

[We make plans with Ti's people. Torgath is still badly wounded.]
Lukas: "We'll meet back at some convenient, discreet location in two hours."
Torgath: "Can it be the hospital?"

[Lukas calls up our goon, Perry, to set up a meet with the guy we know is the NGIS agent's contact. But we're trying to use a cover story so as not to let on that we know.]
Lukas: "Who do you know who can get me weapons?"
Perry: "Other than you?"
Lukas: "...Other than me."

[Perry tries to figure out why Lukas would want weapons when he's already got an entire arsenal.]
Perry: "Oh! I get it, I get it... No, I don't get it."

And that's it for this week. Next week: sneaky spy stuff, and maybe more combat. (Though I really hope not -- Lukas and Torgath really can't afford to be wounded any more than they already are, and even Lyta's a little ragged around the edges.) Join us then!

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