Thursday, December 8, 2011


After getting a little more information from their employer, Nicosa Renault, Our Heroes (tm) have gone off to their meeting with arms dealer, taxi business owner, and potential NGIS contact Harry Bonds. It was a short session last night, due to circumstances, but there were at least a few memorable quotes.

[Lyta has no desire to stay in Port Arthur. The other characters try to explain why we must.]
Brock: "If we want a pet GREL, this is the place for it."
Julie: "Why would we want a pet GREL?"
Brock: "Why wouldn't we want a pet GREL?"

[On the phone with our employer, Nicosa Renault.]
Lukas: "Torgath wants to know how much it would cost to find out who Ti works for."
Renault: "Not many people know exactly who Ti works for..."
Torgath: "Never mind, too expensive."

[Renault will tell us who Ti works for, on the strict understanding that the only people who know this information will be her, Ti, and now us. She explains that there are plenty of intelligence agencies who might like to know this information, and that they should absolutely not know it.]
Ariel: "She's just trying to tempt Lukas into telling someone. It's like a double-dare."

[If anyone else finds out who Ti's working for, Renault will know who to blame.]
Torgath: "Is she threatening us?"

[I love the trust and respect that has built up between our group and Ti's.]
Lukas (to Ti): "If SecBuro picks us up, we'll just blame you."

[Lyta was annoyed that Lukas was trying to make Ti pay for the information he asked us to obtain for him.]
Lukas: "The last thing she said was, 'You're going about this all wrong.' I still don't know what that means."
Ti: "It means your little sister is smarter than you."

[In meeting with arms dealer Harry Bonds, we take along one of Ti's second-in-command, Nadia, to ensure that Ti's given a full report.]
Brock: "What's better than one femme fatale? Two femme fatales!"
Ariel: "Dude, that's our sister. That's weird."

[Nadia's job is to wear tight-fitting clothing and say nothing.]
Lukas: "You can, of course, feel free at any appropriate time to whisper sweet nothings in my ear about vital tactical information."

And that's it for this week. Next time: more back-room dealings as we attempt to find out the identity of the NGIS agent and rescue Artoor Vovelle! Fun times!

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