Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : The Flop

At first he wasn’t sure he was conscious or in a fitful dream. There was hollow absence of discernible sounds, like he was deaf or he was hearing only one loud sound akin to a continuously crashing wave. His eyes were no more use to him as they made out a darkness so complete that he thought it was blinding. He almost believed he could see a texture of light through the cloak of darkness and then the ringing began. The sensory effect was disorienting, as it was meant to be. Ti was suddenly very aware that he was under the effects of a stun grenade. Knowing that didn’t help much though, by his befuddled reckoning he had probably nearly lost consciousness and mere seconds had passed since he had been plunged into this state. Instinctively he sought cover knowing that such a grenade served only as a appetizer for more substantial fair.

He was already on the ground so he crawled, his mind tried to reason his whereabouts and he remembered the moments before the blindness and deafness had rendered him so helpless. The memory was not comforting.

He had been on the coms with Lukas, Lyta and Torgath, they were assaulting Katchelli’s troops in the Hermes Corp building. Ti contacted Beria to see if he could tap into the security system to provide them with better over-watch. Beria had had his hands full with a diversionary hostage situation elsewhere on the compound staged by Katchellis forces. It was the reason Ti had asked Lukas to take his team in against the assault on the servers. To their credit, SecBuro was very skilled at that sort of situation and assaulted the kidnappers with efficient resolve, they then turned their attention to the Hermes Building. Ti’s request for cooperation was soundly refused, worse still, Beria chose that moment to decide that the Ti’s team fighting against Katchelli were just as expendable as the terrorists. Ti let furious indignation take him over and Beria wasted no time in ordering his officers to take Ti in to custody.

Earlier that morning Ti had dispatched his team to acquire suitable transportation for fast ex filtration. SecBuro had still not made it clear whether or not they were going to let Dr Henriette Vovelle attend the ceremony at the Science Buro when the attack began, their choice was made for them. She was in a secure convoy and Ti became too concerned with helping the Lassanders to worry about her. Professor Artoor Vovelle on the other hand, had nothing else to do but worry about his wife. When SecBuro stonewalled him, he came to Ti for information. Prof. Vovelle was still by his side when Ti was taken into custody by SecBuro on Beria’s orders.

The next thing Ti was aware of was the absence of two of his senses and little else. light blotches were now piercing the veil of black emptiness and a shrieking high-pitched whine started to replace the dull thunder in his ears. He remembered had been next to a heavy set table. His hands stretched out and found a leg, he also felt a sharp pain he recognised as a cut, and realized there was broken glass on the ground. Once he thought he was a little more concealed he went for his pistol, its absence was soon followed by a memory of it being confiscated by SecBuro.

Blind, deaf and unarmed Ti suddenly remembered the familiar feeling of helplessness. He let the panic move past him and set him mind to thinking of a way out, if only to distract it from remembering. He had still not found anything better to do than hide under the table when he noticed his senses returning to him. When he could finally see well enough to assess his situation he made out the shattered windows of the sitting room, the bodies of three SecBuro officers and the absence of Artoor Vovelle.

He collected his own weapon and stumbled out one of the windows. His reasoned that the ringing he heard was no longer confined to his shock but were actual sirens. Ti kept moving, regaining his senses as he fled and as things became clearer, so did his sense of concern for the Lassanders.

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