Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last night saw lots of setup for the next big battle. Lyta's still a mole inside the Forzi, Todd has eyes (and guns) across the street, and Lukas... is off doing something completely different. No doubt something that will involve us shooting stuff next game.

[After a two-week hiatus, we take stock of what we're supposed to be doing.]
Julie: "The plan's based on me. We're all doomed."

[Lyta is infiltrating Mrs. Katchelli's local Forzi operation as one of their higher-placed "fembots."]
Georges: "Katchelli is not a woman who's worried about seeing her pawns fall."
Julie: "What about her bishops?"
Georges: "That's the question everyone's asking."

[When you're surrounded by two dozen highly-trained ninja assassins, sometimes prudence is the best course.]
Julie: "I'm not stupid enough to break into Katchelli's office."
Georges: "But oh, so exciting. My dice long for such stupidity."

[Vera, one of the more senior fembots, brings Lyta up to the roof for a "mission," during which she pulls a gun on her and tells her to hide. Lyta does so by climbing down the wall, slipping into Katchelli's office, and moving back to the main lounge where she resumes playing cards. The good news is she's not shot. The bad news is she's not sure where she stands now.]
Julie: "I'm not sure if I passed or failed that."
Brock: "Neither am I."

[Lukas goes back to Minnie's bar.]
Minnie: "What can I get you?"
Lukas: "Whiskey and diverting conversation."

[Lukas and Minnie make small talk and trade situation-specific jokes.]
Georges: "Insert punchline here. I have no GREL jokes."

[Lukas and Minnie get to know each other a little better, both trying not to actually reveal anything.]
Lukas: "So what part of the desert are you from?"
Minnie: "The sandy part."

[Minnie tries to feel out Lukas over whether he can be trusted with a job.]
Lukas: "I can be relied upon. Within certain parameters."
Minnie: "Which are those?"
Lukas: "They may or may not be reasonable."

[Minnie decides Lukas is trustworthy.]
Minnie: "Is it beneath you to accept a simple courier job?"
Lukas: "If it pays."
Minnie: "It does, because it's not so simple."

[Minnie gives Lukas a data-chip to deliver to the local AST ambassador, Gavin Hippolyte. She says he's expecting it. We try to determine whether it's dangerous.]
Ariel: "Technically, saying someone's expecting it, it could be a bomb."

[Lukas decides to intercept a negotiator from Neil Motorworks who's going to meet Hippolyte and attend the meeting in his stead. However, his mask is fairly recognizable. He decides to remove it and hide his scarring with makeup.]
Lukas: "On the plus side, at least we're trying to disguise me to look like myself."

[Vera and Lyta have words after the apparently-flubbed test.]
Vera: "You gun-shy?"
Lyta: "Not when I'm the one holding the gun."

[Lukas attends the negotiations as Jerry Donner, and actually negotiates in good faith on behalf of Neil Motorworks.]
Ariel: "You should call Ti and be like, 'Marge! Can we afford 20%?'"

[After a fairly successful negotiation, Lukas returns to the hotel where he left the real Jerry Donner bound and gagged.]
Lukas: "I'm going to take off the gag, but if you scream, I'll punch you in the face."

[Lukas explains to Donner that he negotiated on his behalf.]
Jerry Donner: "How much did we get?"
Lukas: "10%."
Jerry Donner: "Pft! I'd have gotten 7%. [beat] Who are you?"

[For a brief moment, it appeared that Hippolyte would have paid the 50% deposit to Lukas in cold hard cash, effectively letting the PCs retire and live a quiet life until they died of old age.]
Brock: "How much is 50% of 200 trucks?"
Julie: "Lots."

[Lukas returns to Minnie's dive underground bar the next morning to get paid.]
Minnie: "It's 9:00."
Lukas: "In that case, I'll have a short stack of pancakes."
Minnie: "We have protein bars."
Lukas: "Whiskey it is."

[Lukas accidentally lets slip that he had help with the job.]
Lukas: "We aim to please."
Minnie: "We?"
Lukas: "It's the royal we. Turns out I'm a nomad prince."
Minnie: "I'll buy the 'mad' part."

[Remember that GRELs are sterile. And unliked.]
Georges: "There are no half-GRELs."
Brock: "Sure there are. You cut one in half, you have a half-GREL."

[Lukas and Minnie negotiate. Though whether the negotiations are heavier on the shop talk or flirting is an open question.]
Minnie: "You wouldn't happen to be sharing our conversation with anyone, would you?"
Lukas: "No, but I do write down the witty things you say."
Minnie: "You must have a very small paper."
Lukas: "And a good memory."

[Minnie contemplates hiring Lukas on for the longer term.]
Minnie: "There's no room for... That's not true. There's a lot of room for ego in this business."

[Lyta, back in the Forzi compound, has been pretty much shut out from news of what Lukas has been doing.]
Georges: "It's not that Torgath hasn't been telling you, it's that Lukas isn't telling Torgath."
Julie: "That's... perfectly reasonable, actually."

[Minnie considers hiring Lukas on for another job.]
Minnie: "How are you at tailing people?"
Lukas: "I do have a golden mask."

[Who does Minnie work for? We have no idea. Though we do have our suspicions that she is more than a simple bar owner.]
Minnie: "I don't know anything about you or your resources."
Lukas: "I don't think that's true."
Minnie: "Nevertheless..."

[Minnie hires Lukas to trail a taxi driver named Harry Bond, in hopes that he will get confirmation on a new NGIS operative who will be arriving in town shortly. Lukas walks over and chats with Jimmy Croyden.]
Lukas: "I have to give you some money in an envelope. This is required."

[Lukas and Jimmy discuss how much money Lukas will give him. Lukas suggests 250 dinar.]
Jimmy: "Let's make it 300 because I hate to negotiate."

[They agree on 300 dinar for 15 minutes of conversation.]
Jimmy: "Well, you have..."
Lukas: "I figure about eight minutes left."

[Jimmy suspects that Lukas is using him as either an alibi or a red herring, services which would be worth much more than 300 dinar.]
Jimmy: "I think I've been robbed!"
Lukas: "You can tell anyone you want there's a much higher amount in this envelope."

[Lukas returns to Ti Corovan, who tells him he's just been tipped off to a new NGIS agent coming to town. Recall that Lukas has just been hired by Minnie to tail the agent's contact to find out who the agent is.]
Ti: "We have to figure out who his contact is."
Lukas: "I don't know how we could possibly do that, Ti."

And that's it for this week. Next week, I anticipate a lot of dice rolling as we dive into combat! Join us then!

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