Thursday, November 10, 2011


The plot continued to crawl forward yesterday, which mostly involved Lukas and Torgath figuring out how to extricate Lyta from the Forzi fembots. I'm not certain it occurred to them to just wait for her to get out on her own. In any case, things go down tomorrow (game-time) and until then, we've got some quotes.

[While Lyta's been in the Forzi compound, her main point of contact has been Torgath.]
Julie (to Ariel): "You're the guy who's been passing me my intel, which is why I don't have any."

[Lyta passes off some information to Ti, via Torgath.]
Ariel: "He has minions who can data-sift."
Georges the GM: "Minions, more gloriously known as analysts."

[Lyta is given a map to examine. Julie rolls a six on her "examine the map" roll. Georges the GM seems disappointed.]
Julie: "Six is as good as I can do."
Georges the GM: "Then you did pretty good... considering."

[Lyta and about a dozen other fembots have been taken to a new building, and Torgath has lost track of where exactly they are. He investigates.]
Torgath (to Lukas via radio): "I think I found the room. Advise."
Georges the GM: "Aha! Passing the buck!"

[Torgath runs into a couple of guys painting some of the unused offices and tries to act casual. He fails.]
Painter Dude: "I'm gonna call security and have them help you."
Torgath: "Can I give you money instead?"

[Lukas instructs Torgath to go to the third floor -- one below where he suspects the fembots are -- to see if there's any way of accessing the room through the ceiling.]
Brock: "You could refuse on the grounds that it's impossible or impractical."
Ariel: "It's annoying, but it gives me something to do."

[At one point, Lukas asks Ti for a drone to spy on the fembots. Sadly, they move out before it's ready.]
Ti: "The drone's not ready."
Lukas: "It's okay, we lost them."
Ti: (hopefully) "But we will get to use the drone?"

[The fembots have moved out, and Lyta with them. Lukas delivers the news to Ti.]
Lukas: "We don't know where they are."
Ti: "Did you hear that? That's the sound of disappointment."

[Lyta has a choice of infiltrating a heavily-secured government compound or knocking out her partner and running away.]
Julie: "I vote for reckless self-endangerment!"

[Lyta's infiltration pretty much came down to four rolls and very little roleplaying.]
Georges the GM: "You succeed. You have infiltrated."
Julie: "That was easier than I thought."
Georges the GM: (to Brock and Ariel) "And you guys--"
Brock: "Succeed. It was easier than we thought."

[Lukas and Torgath, meanwhile, have decided to return to the Forzi compound to kidnap the boss, Mrs. Kachelli. On the way, they run into a goon and Torgath succeeds in knifing him through the heart. He doesn't even get a roll to dodge.]
Brock: "Oh, yeah. We surprise-attacked him. We could have knocked him out."
Ariel: "Oops."

[Lukas has made a couple of makeshift saps using potatoes, so that they don't outright kill Kachelli when they find her. Torgath uses his to hit one of the goons in the compound over the top of the head.]
Brock: "Potatoes are dense!"
Georges the GM: (staring at him) "Right now, I think it's not the only thing."

[Lukas and Torgath hide the body of goon #4.]
Georges the GM: "You're running out of closets."

[There are no fembots left in the Forzi compound.]
Julie: "All the women are off doing important things. For some of us, that means being decoys."

[Torgath tries to get fancy in his fighting style.]
Ariel: "I roll towards him and knife him in the midsection."
Georges the GM: "Do you have any acrobatics?"
Ariel: "...In that case, I walk towards him."

[Lukas throws a grenade at some of the goons and botches the roll.]
Brock: "We need to be advancing faster."
Julie: "And you think the best way to do that is to throw a grenade at yourself?"

[The good news is that Brock realized at the last minute that he had ranks in throwing grenades, and thus did not botch the roll. The bad news is they didn't find Kachelli.]
Lukas: "That went better than I thought it would."
Torgath: "That went pretty badly."

[Lyta has been incommunicado because her cell phone was confiscated before her infiltration.]
Brock: "New plan: two cell phones for the infiltrator."

And that's it for this week. Next week, combat for sure! ...We hope.

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