Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 3

Dr Tomohiro Chambers feigned pleasant neutrality as he waited on Titan Corovan’s reaction to the information. They had not spoken in a week, and the last conversation they had had could have easily been their last if Ti wanted it to go that way.

Dr Chambers didn’t want to loose his friend or this contact, but he knew that the only way to save both was to let go. He was offering a no-strings attached piece of valuable intel for Ti to run with; the doctor relied heavily on his poker face to not to let show how much Ti’s decision meant to him.

“And this is reliable; this Kolson agent is getting full reconstructive surgery, new biometrics…the works? If your medical tip is right, this could be a unique opportunity; all we need to know is where it’s going down.” Ti was already thinking about the potential, but he had to bring himself back to the mechanic of making it work.

“Based on my source, there aren’t too many places that will do this and they all cost an arm and a leg, if you’ll forgive the pun,” the doctor offered with a smile.

“Track the money? I think I know exactly how to do that. I’m aware of a concurrent operation which we can probably use but it will mean changing tracks.” Ti pondered for a few moments as the doctor waited quietly. “OK, there’s a banker coming to Port Arthur in the next little while. He could be our way in, but right now some people I know are interested in him, and I don’t know if he’s going to come out of their ‘interview’ in working order. Also, we need him to have access to secure financial networks, and there aren’t any here in Port Arthur. So I need you to tie him down in a major city, one with the terminals we need...have Prable check it out. Then you whirl up one of your can’t-pass-up business deal you keep in your jacket pocket and hold him down with it while we set up our sting.”

Doctor Chambers smiled, he knew just the thing, and Ti`s plan sounded feasible. “Very well, I can hold up my side. And you`re sure you can make sure the train switches to the new track, as it were?”

“That should be easy enough; I just need to tell him the truth, or at least, part of it.” Ti answered coolly, showing some hesitation in spite of his statement. Doctor Chambers nodded silently and the scrambled communication went dead.

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