Thursday, November 24, 2011


This week's Wordslingin' is a double-header! Yes, friends, the last two sessions have consisted almost entirely of combat, which is great if you like rolling dice but less great if you like collecting quotes. The good news it that none of Our Heroes are severely wounded, the bad news is that it's looking like that'll change any second. Repeat after me: Where the heck is our air support?!

[Lyta has infiltrated into the heavily-guarded Science Bureau complex, which makes it somewhat more difficult for the rest of Our Heroes exfiltrate her.]
Ti: "You guys may just need to get in the old-fashioned way."
Lukas: "Make an appointment?"
Ti: "Hop a fence."

[Lukas and Torgath spent most of the nighttime hours infiltrating the Forzi compound, which means their timing for infiltrating the Science Bureau compound is a little off from what they'd like.]
Lukas: "It would have been better to do this in the middle of the night. We'll have to settle for the middle of the early morning."

[How you know when your roll isn't good enough, part 1.]
Georges the GM: "You rolled a six? I'll let you roll again."
Ariel: "In that case, I'll spend an xp."
Georges the GM: "Am I that transparent?"

[Lukas and Torgath find the main communications van and kill everyone inside except the driver, whom they get to explain how everything works.]
Driver: "We scramble everything, so we're using real names."
Torgath: "What kind of fly-by-night operation is this?!"

[After picking up Lyta, Lukas and Torgath steal the van and start heading towards Mrs. Kachelli.]
Ti: "There's another van approaching you."
Torgath: "Is this one of the vans you can blow up?"
Ti: "If I said yes, what would you suggest?"

[Mrs. Kachelli has such a way with negotiations.]
Lukas: "What do you have that I want?"
Kachelli: "I've got your balls in the palm of my hand."

[The negotiations are not going so well. Georges the GM has the PCs roll a notice check, and they all roll quite well.]
Georges the GM: "Excellent! You're all very aware of a trail of smoke coming your way."

[We approach the Hermes Corporation building, where Mrs. Kachelli is holed up. There are 30-40 armed men surrounding it.]
Lukas: "I think it's time to leave."
Ti: "I think you may be correct."

[As a favor to Ti and SecBuro, we head into the Hermes Corporation building and go up to the 4th floor.]
Ti: "I'm sending you the specs for this floor."
Brock: "And since there's a map, it means we're in the right place."

[We engage in a huge amount of gunplay amidst the computer servers of the Hermes Corporation fourth floor, killing many Forzi.]
Brock: "On the plus side, these guys have gotta be getting upset."

[Lukas kills one of the fembots using a squad automatic weapon.]
Brock: "What's the sound of female hamburger?"
Julie: "Very similar to the sound of male hamburger."

[Still in the firefight.]
Brock: "Grenades say, 'I want to kill you and I don't really care what else I hit.'"

[SecBuro is pissed off enough at the whole situation that they're coming in to kill everyone and don't particularly care who's on which side. The PCs take the opportunity to retreat to a terrace.]
Kachelli: "I regret I didn't get a chance to kill you all."
Lukas: "Right back at'cha."

[We have a choice between descending a staircase to where we know SecBuro is waiting, or ascending to where Kachelli's people are.]
Torgath: "Kachelli's men are softer, therefore we move up."

[Sadly, much of our strategizing sounds something like this.]
Lukas: "We can't retreat."
Ti: "No."
Lukas: "So we may as well advance."

[We decide to ascend the staircase. Torgath is very close to throwing a grenade upwards to kill anyone waiting for us.]
Julie: "Grenade in a staircase where you're the lower one: not a good idea."
Georges the GM: "Listen to the girl who understands physics."

[Up on the roof, there's a small structure. While the PCs manage to secure it, Kachelli's people are not far behind.]
Kachelli: "I have 20 guys here. We're coming up the stairs."
Torgath: *kills three of them* "Seventeen."

[Kachelli and Lukas have been having strained negotiations.]
Kachelli: "As far as I'm concerned, I'm in the better bargaining position."
Lukas: "Did I mention I have a surface-to-air missile?"
Kachelli: "Okay, so maybe you have a bargaining position."

[The negotiations continue.]
Kachelli: "What do you want?"
Lukas: "Five million in cash."
Kachelli: "...What do you really want?"
Lukas: "Ten million in cash, but I figure that's improbable."

And that's it for this time. Next time we start in media res, with two fembots about to assault Lyta and Lukas, and a hopper full of bad guys about to land on the roof. Good times, good times...

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