Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 6

“Certainly, you are now tugging at my lower limb, and I am not meaning in the feather-duster-tight–leather-mask pleasant way either?” Oscar Luis Paeza exclaimed in his idiosyncratic and nearly incomprehensible manner. He had just spent a week travelling across the desert to get to Port Arthur and was now being told to turn around.

Ennik Kazzov smiled in spite of himself. He was still torn: should he stay with Lukas, Lyta, and Tod in order to prevent Vovelle’s kidnapping, or follow the Kolson`s accountant? He had good reason to do both. On the one hand, protecting Vovelle was the reason Renault had sent them to Port Arthur and doing so could lead him to some information on his family. On the other, Renault also wanted to know about Tantalus and what or who was behind the kidnapping attempt. The Kolsons had direct knowledge according to Ti; the former tunnel rat and self-righteous spy made it clear that getting to them would have much more significant and long term value than body guarding Vovelle. Ennik had worked a long time on his own. He was patient and focused. He knew how to investigate, and how to beat information out of people as the situation required. Ultimately, he was better at that sort of thing than the small unit stuff the Sand Riders were doing. It was also plainly evident to him that he owed it to the Desert Wolves to dig out their mole.

Going after the Kolsons was the bigger prize, the patient route. He could serve both Renault and the Wolves this way. It meant leaving Lyta and her brothers behind, and, after so long on his own, Ennik was surprised to find this panged him. Still, he thought, his devotion had to be to his family: the Wolves and the Kazzovs. “Sorry Oscar, back on the caravan. We’re just too pretty for Port Arthur.” Pushing Oscar back up the gantry, they went in search of a much needed flask and a comfortable spot to hole-up for the long journey across the sandy reaches of the Barrington Basin.

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