Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Threads part 2

The Mekong had this interesting form of entertainment, a performer would spin a plate on a stick, then raise another and another, until there were so many plates spinning in the air you would loose count. Major Stone couldn’t help making the comparison.

He was looking over data from the Forzi cartel; SecBuro had a compound under surveillance that appeared to be readying for war. These Forzi were linked to the attempted kidnapping of Artoor Vovelle. According to the independent contractor Corovan, who somehow had managed to insinuate himself into Major Beria’s good graces with surprisingly accurate intelligence, they were after Henriette Vovelle. According to another independent operator, one who was sometimes working with Corovan, the physicist was the actual target in order to get to the Tantalus project. A set of private mercs, know in the north as a “Detail Squad”, were let loose on Port Arthur, possibly by Northco. The SRID was keeping quiet but there were signs of movement by the NGIS. Major Beria had doubled protection on Henriette Vovelle, and her future appearances were all cancelled apart from the opening ceremony at the science ministry.

Major Stone didn’t know if it was a plate or his head that was spinning. It all related to Tantalus, the CEF project to source easily available heavy water from the Macallan network. As far as Stone knew, only 6 living people on this rock knew exactly what Tantalus was. Although incredibly useful from a logistical point of view for the CEF during the failed invasion of Terra Nova, he didn’t see how this form of fusion was worth all the fuss. Maybe Dr. Vovelle knew, maybe she had some insight, maybe there was something Stone didn’t understand. The plates kept spinning.

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